Thursday, March 29, 2007

Today I'm thankful for...a promotion

I've been a temporary employee through a temp service with a major cable company in San Diego since January 2. After 90 days I'm to become a full-time employee with the cable company and get full benefits. Now, there are 3 levels of support techs in this department. As a contractor, I've been TECH I. To become a TECH II, I have to take a test and pass with 80% or higher. I studied the TECH II manual several weeks ago, and took a practice test last Saturday March 24 and got a 66%. I spent the weekend doing many things, but not enough time studing for the exam last Monday. I asked the Universe to guide me and help me pass the test to become a TECH II.

Today I have been offered the position as a full-time employee as a TECH II rep. I didn't even know I passed the test and here they are offering me the position. :)

I remember taking the test and easily answering many questions that I knew the answer for from experience. On questions I was hesitant or unsure of I asked "what answer should I choose?" and was inspired to answer some of the multiple choice questions. Evedentially it worked. :)

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