Friday, June 6, 2008

Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #35 - Desire

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Welcome to the June 5, 2008 edition of law of attraction. Obviously a bit on the late side. I broke my wrist skateboarding, yes really, and I'm working through the challenges this has presented me, such as typing with only one hand. Additionally time to work on writing is a bit restricted as I adjust to other life events. No need to label them, I'm sure we all have "things and events" that pop up. :)

The topic for this edition of the Law of Attraction Blog Carnival is DESIRE. I didn't elaborate on the parameters of this subject to see what article submissions would come in. Some articles clearly address the topic of DESIRE and others have the idea of desire within the context of the article.

I sincerely desire you enjoy this carnival's selections.


Jeannette Maw presents What Do You Want? posted at Good Vibe Blog

Wendy Piersall presents What do American Idol & the Butterfly Effect Have to do With Your Destiny? posted at Sparkplug CEO

Gary Evans presents Manifesting Money Without Thinking About It posted at Good To Feel Good.

Metaliphe presents What U Are Seeking is Also Seeking U (continued) posted at Chandra Unplugged - No nonsense, Straight-up blogging from a Life Coach, saying, "The first step in understanding the Law of Attraction is to ASK. Several years ago I was going through a difficult time in my life when I needed to make some changes and I had a good friend say to me, “Do you know how to get what you want?” I looked at her and said, “Tell me”. “Ask, she said, you have to ask for what you want”."

Other Law of Attraction articles

Will Edwards presents The Law of Attraction posted at Inspiration.

Joann Ang presents Law of Attraction posted at Law of Attraction Info Center.

Ivy and Amanda Preston presents Mar 10, The Power of Positive Thinking posted at Ivy and Amanda Preston, saying, "Get into the habit of positive thinking and reap the rewards."

Ciara Carruthers presents First manifestation attempts: What to manifest? | Law of Attraction Blog posted at Law of Attraction Blog, saying, "What should be the first thing to try to manifest? Money is often a sore point and not a good place to start, in my opinion. So where to start? With food!"

Elio Galluzzi presents >What do you want to attract in your life and why posted at The Entangled Universe » The Entangled Universe, saying, "A quest to find the truth on the Law of Attraction"

Erek Ostrowski presents Manifesting a Job You Actually Want (Step Two) posted at Verve Coaching>, saying, "The second step in manifesting a job you actually want is to create a conversation “for” what you want in a job."

Gary Evans presents
My Subconscious Addiction posted at Good To Feel Good.

Stephen Martile presents Why You Attract What You Don’t Want posted at by Stephen Martile

Other articles I found interesting

Shamelle presents Money And Processions: Breaking Free From The Materialism Trap posted at Enhance Life.

Gayathri Moosad presents Self Hypnosis in 8 simple steps posted at The Personality Development Workbook>, saying, "How to perform self hypnosis to program your subconscious effectively to attract success"

http://www.powerfull-living­.biz/blog/2008/05/21/10­-qualities-that-foster-trust­-safety-in-business-personal­-relationships/trackback presents
Powerfull Living » 10 Qualities That Foster Trust & Safety In Relationships posted at Powerfull Living, saying, "Learn the elements that improve relationships in all areas of your life"

That concludes this edition.

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Good Vibe Coach said...

Thanks for another great edition, Dean!

I loved Chandra's reminder to simply "ask" and Gary's instruction to feel good (my favorite theme)!

Keep up the great work!

Dean Lacono said...

Thanks Jeannette.

It's amazing how easy things can be just by asking and enjoyable when feeling good. :)