Monday, January 21, 2008

Resistance is Futile

A frequent word found in the language of the Law of Attraction, is resistance. Resistance is any thought, word or action that hinders or slows our natural energy flow and abundance.

Each one of our resistances may seem like such a small issue:

Desire: I want a new car.
Resistance: I don't know how I can afford it.

Desire: I don't like the way he/she does this or that.
Resistance: I'll just deal with it.

Desire: I am going to win the Super Lotto.
Resistance: (Desperately thinking) I hope I win this time.

Desire: The love of my life.
Resistance: I am too overweight, he/she won't like someone as overweight as me.

Desire: I'm moving toward my ideal weight.
Resistance: This diet stuff sucks. I'll have one doughnut today.

Desire: I am achieving great success in my career.
Resistance: Jimmy keeps spending time with the boss, that brown-noser, I'll never get ahead.

Each one of our resistances by itself doesn't seem like much, but over time, in my case 46 years, there is some build-up of resistance.

Think of how a garden hose allows the flow of water from one end to the other end. Or in terms of LoA, the hose (our life) carries the water (our dreams) from Source (the faucet) to manifestation (watering the plants). Now, if we were to put some small pebbles in the hose, the flow of water may be slightly interrupted. Maybe not noticeable at first, but keep adding pebbles, more resistance, and the flow is more restricted. Water still flows, but at a much reduced rate. Dragging that hose around the yard becomes a heavy burden with all the weight of the pebbles and it takes longer to water each plant or area of your garden.

Same with us. Our bodies are the hose and the flow of energy through us is like the water. Now, each negative thought, word or action (resistance) acts as a pebble in the hose. A small number of these resistant thoughts are not much of a hindrance, but over time, when we allow these negative thoughts to stay with us, they accumulate and create greater barriers to our natural state of flowing energy.

Getting the pebbles out of the hose is a relatively simple matter, dump out the pebbles. If the hose is kinked or twisted in a knot, well, the pebbles get stuck until we straighten out the hose to allow the pebbles to come out. In life, we have kinks and knots in our hose and with a little time and effort, we can get the kinks out and undo the knots.

There are numerous ways of releasing our own blocks, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, etc. Each method has it's benefits, some work for one person, another may work for someone else. If you want your energy to flow easily, you need to remove the resistance. How you remove the resistance is up to you. For me, I like EFT, meditation and yoga. Currently I'm doing more EFT and meditation.

Do you need to remove all resistance? Of course not. Remember the analogy of the hose when we first put in a few pebbles, we didn't see any noticeable restriction of water flow? Same here with our energy. By stopping to put in more resistance and reducing or eliminating the blockage resistance we currently have, we will return to a more natural flow of energy.

Use a hose filled with pebbles, the daily watering takes longer due to the resistance of the pebbles blocking in the hose. Use a free flowing hose and the time each day watering our seeds of desire is less, so we can spend more time doing other enjoyable activities. Before you know it, the seeds have germinated and you have enjoyed life so much more because you were not burdened with all the pebbles in your life.

Sure I work on removing my resistance pebbles. I hope you do too. By reading this I hope you see value to work on removing as many resistances you have to let more of the energy of Source flow through you.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

I attracted this day at work.

It still amazes (which is a good thing) me how well and quickly this attraction stuff works. Living in amazement and wonder is fun and rewarding. I feel grateful that I can see this working and appreciate how well it works. Just amazing.

Most days I wake up feeling good. I spend several minutes each morning planning or visualizing my day. I'm optimistic about how well things are going to go for me. I visualize my short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Lots of good creative manifesting stuff is done in the time I spend between slumber and wakefulness.

This morning I woke up with a throbbing headache. Probably due to staying up too late last night looking for a Wordpress Template to change my blog. This is something I've been tinkering with for several months off and on. I usually give up because at times it seems so daunting of a task to find a theme that is so close to what I want. Then overwhelming to think that I'll have to learn how to change it to my needs and wants. And some dread to move all the posts to the new platform. I contemplate asking others for help, but talk myself out of it. Then I think about passing on the change and think "I'll stick with Blogger." Later, I see all the wonderfull WP templates and I get all jazzed up again to make the transistion. (Wash, rinse, repeat. My self created cycle.)

Waking this morning, in pain, I figure I'll do some EFT tapping to clear out the headache. It lessend the pain enough for me to think "let the rest take care of itself." Well I get to work with a better head, but still in a bit of pain.

Now I'm thinking that I better clear this out, because I'll be attracting all kinds of bad, upset, rude, yelling customers on the phone because my vibes are off. I take some generic headache medicine. I do some more visualizations and self massageing my head, which helps some more.

It comes time to get on the phone and guess what. The second call was a head biter. I knew that was comming. (self fulfilling prophecy) I accepted attracting that call. I was torn between the upset customer talking in my ears (justifiably upset), the self talking in my head (perpetuating the issue further) and the need to be sympathetic and resolve the issue. It seems that I was digging myself deeper and deeper. And to some extent I was, at least for this morning. I was also feeling like there was nothing I could do, which seemed to make it worse. I was getting in my own way.

I got more upset and unhappy customers this morning than I've had in anyone day, in a very long time. It was mostly that way until my first break. I seemed to have cleared that out when I returned from break, since the calls went back to "normal" for me.

Now, it's lunch. I'm feeling clearer, probably from a combination of; right thinking, headache medicine, and focusing more on wanting good calls.

Glad I got that cleared out. The rest of the day is a great experience.

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Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Important Success Tips with the Law of Attraction

I do not recall seeing these simple steps that the beginning conscious creator should remember while learning to deliberately use the Law of Attraction.

1. Practice
2. Practice
3. Practice

It dawned on me the other day watching my son skateboarding, that he is learning how to do tricks (Ollie, manual and turns) and it takes time and practice. This thought reminded me of what I told my Speech 101 students about the three most important steps to giving a speech in class and getting a good grade practice, practice, practice.

Sure it sounds a bit terse, but think about it. Everything anyone has ever done well, required some effort of practice and repetitive action to do it right. Here are three areas I've learned and still practicing to get better.

1. Practice right thought. In looking back over the years, I thought "I can never afford that" "I'll never accomplish that" "No one will take me seriously" "I'll never have that nice, kind, sweet hottie". And guess what, I was right. I did practice negative thinking. I got real good at it. I did manifest less abundance and less success than others.

I read personal development and self-help books. But I kept thinking, "I'll never get this right" "I'll never get this" "It may work for them, but it won't work for me." That's what kept me back.

Now, I'm practicing right thinking. Guess what? I can find ways to afford what I want. I can accomplish what I'm after. And that hottie, well, I'm still practicing that.

Practicing right thought also means practicing visualization. I have found that the more I've spent visualizing, whether in front of my vision board or just whenever, I'm seeing the images much better now, than a year ago. It's probably that I've done it so many times that the image is becoming clearer and stronger. Hmmm, a clearer and stronger image in my mind. How about that.

2. Practice right action. Just like my son practicing his skateboard tricks and moves, I've taken more time to practice physical actions that are helping me along the way. For instance, when I first started yoga I wasn't nearly as flexible as some other students in the classes. (And won't even compare myself to the instructors flexibility.) But over time, with several weeks of practice at home and in the yoga studio, I became more flexible. Now I have to be honest with you. I haven't practiced yoga in awhile. And because of that lack of practice, I'm actually less flexible than I was when doing yoga. Hmmm, no practice means loss of skill, go figure.

On the other hand, I've been doing EFT for several months now and I'm seeing the benefits of this practice. It's taken the edge off of some stressful situations at work and in my personal life.

Also, I'm doing more meditation. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to sit. Heck, it was difficult for me to want to sit. Then I ordered the free sample Holosync CD from Centerpointe Research Institute. Some would say this is not true meditation, but it works for me.

3. Practice appreciation. Sure it's so "in your face" to see the current situation as less than ideal. You dread thinking about your less than ideal living conditions, the rust bucket you drive or the lousy (or lack of) relationship. I know. It took some time for me to practice appreciating what I do have now, the situation I'm in, that when I released the negative emotions to this situation, then the pieces started to fall into place. (I'm a bit vague here since I'm still working on my goal. See Steve's rule #5 in the Five forgotten rules of the Law of Attraction)

Like my son practicing his skateboarding to get better. I'm practicing the skills and using the tools I've learned to use the Law of Attraction for my benefit. I encourage you to do the same, Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Five forgotten rules of the Law of Attracton by Steven Aitchison

I found an article by Steven Aitchison posted on his blog Change your thoughts change your life about the Five forgotten rules of the Law of Attraction.

In summary the five rules are:

Rule 1: The more you use it the more it works

Rule 2: Juice you intentions up with emotion

Rule 3: Give out more than you take

Rule 4: Show gratitude

Rule 5: Only tell people about your success when it has been completed

Be sure to check out the whole article here.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Tips For Getting What You Want (part 3) Books

The focus for this segment of Tips for Getting What You Want is books. Books are an important resource for personal development. (Also a fun and enjoyable world for pleasure reading.) They provide inspiration and instructions for improving oneself, overcoming fears and worry, learning techniques and a wealth of inspiration and information for self-improvement.

In my younger days, I was a sleight-of-hand artist. Every professional magician I came into contact with told me one secret to learning great magic tricks, read books by other magicians. It was also said that if you want to keep your trick a secret, put it in a book, since no one reads books. :)

Beginning users of the Law of Attraction, whether struggling with cash flow or already observing an abundance of cash flow will find great benefit from reading uplifting, positive and inspirational works. Many of which are considered classics.

Listed below are several ways you can have access to numerous books, audiobooks and ebooks.

* Your local public library.

* With a Premium Membership as at Personal Development Partners you can find "24-hour access to FREE, high-quality eBooks, Audio downloads, and Electronic content donated by Senior Thought Leaders. (100% original content - not repurposed downloads that we've all seen already."

Public domain ebooks:

* Personal Development Books
From their website front page:

Personal Development Books is a membership site - each and every week we will
give you free e-books to help you improve your life.
Examples of e-books you will get access to:- As A Man Thinketh - The Master Key System - The Science Of Getting Rich - Think And Grow Rich - Mastery Of Self - The Greatest Money-Making Secret in History! - ...And many, many more!

* You can find "Free Inspirational and Motivational eBooks in the public domain" located at
The Conscience Living Foundation.

* Another option is Daily Positive Personal Development Free Books

* PSI TEK Free Metaphysical books.

* 70 Classic Self-Help Books

* New Thought Related books online can be found at Cornerstone

* Direct download from Bob Proctor You Were Born Rich

* Direct download of The Greatest Money Making Secret in History by Joe Vitale

* Direct download The Ideal Made Real or Applied Metaphysics for Beginners by Christian D. Larson

General non-specific:

* Free Books Directory

* The Online Books Page

* Project Gutenberg

There is a wealth of knowledge to be found in books if you take action and use these resources for personal growth or just for fun.

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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tips For Getting What You Want (part 2) Things

In this second installment of this series I'm giving suggestions on ways to get more of what you want.

In Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason (aff) program he strongly emphasises focusing on what you want. Not how to get what you want, not how much money you need to get what you want, but focus on what you want.

The simplified steps of using Law of Attraction are:

Be clear of what you want.
Visulaize what you want.
Take action.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Let's say you want a bicycle. Describe the type of bike you want, a blue 10 speed.

Then visualize and feel yourself riding the bicycle and the wind blowing through your hair. See yourself riding in the countryside with green grass, trees, etc. See yourself riding with your family or friend on a nice outing. Maybe you need the bike as transportation to work, then visualize yourself riding the bike to work. See the route you take to get to work. See yourself locking up the bike at work. See yourself putting the bike away when you get home.

Now, after the visualization, you need to take action to get that bike. You can go to a bike shop and look at bikes, test ride them. Rent a bike and go for a ride, all the while visualizing owning your own bike. Now you've solidified the feelings even more by actually living the dream. Maybe you don't own the bike yet, but you are adding energy to the visualization.

Continue taking action to get the bike. Ask yourself "what are the ways you can get a bike?" Buy one. Steal one. Find one. Have one given. Inherit one. Can you think of other ways?

You've set up the vibration of what you want, you've put it out to the universe. Now believe the circumstances are lining up. Here are some resources available to help you get what you want.

Before looking through these resources, keep in mind of what you want. Take the time each day to use one resource or use several resources during each week.

Local newpapers. Of course these are a major resource that have been around for centuries. I don't have any historical information about how long they have been used for giving away items or selling items at reduced cost over retail, but certianly they are one source of finding your desires.

Craigslist There are different craigslists for different cities. Once you find your city, you can look at ads for just about anything, jobs, real estate, places to rent, furniture, clothing, relationships, etc. You can post ads for items you want or items you are selling or giving away.

FreeCycle This is a new resource I just learned about. Unlike cragislist, this site is only for free items to be given away. You can post what you are giving away or you can post what you want to be given to you. It is preferred that your first post is to give away something and then to balance your posts to give away with posts for your requests.

eBay Of couse you'll need to buy something here. You can also post what you are looking for. I recently spent about four weeks bidding on some software I wanted. The seller was running 3 day auctions. I had a limit to how much I wanted to pay for this software with shipping and finally on New Years day I won the auction and actually paid less than any other previous auction and about $6.00 less than my maximum bid.

Business Cards / Calling Cards Ever see the bowl at a business or restaurant asking for your business card to win a free breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. 2007 was a good year for me using business cards. My card was drawn three times. More than all other times in past years. Getting cards is simple. Buy the blanks at any office supply location and print your own at home. Nothing fancy. I just print my own with my name, phone number and webaddress.

Here is an example of how I recently used Craigslist.

My kids are growing, like all kids do, and they need some more clothes. I could go buy new clothes, worry about how I'm going to pay for them. I could buy cheap by going to a major discount store, cheaper, but still an expense. I could go to a thrift store, cheaper still but also an expense. Hmmm, now what do I do?

I posted an ad in Craigslist and got offers of clothes from people all over San Diego County. I got more offers of clothes than I can use. Does it matter if these are new clothes? No. I don't allow myself to worry about not having new clothes for my kids. Heck, they either outgrow them quickly or wear them out from use. Besides, I give away lots of old clothes and stuff when they are no longer useful, so I figured there is stuff out there for me too.

By worring about these issues, then I set up resistance to attracting more into my life and that just slows the whole process down. I'm all about attracting positive experiences and in receiving so much generosity from the Universe I feel very blessed and grateful for the abundance that came into my life.

I hope these suggestions help you or inspire to think of other ways to get what you want.

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Monday, January 7, 2008

Tips For Getting What You Want (part 1) Money

My blog The Law of Attraction for Beginners serves two purposes:

1) To share my experiences with the Law of Attraction

2) Help others learn how to use the Law of Attraction

This series is to give you some ideas about what you can do or resources you can use to get more of what you want.

Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason (aff) program emphasizes that one should focus on WHAT it is you want, not on the method of HOW one gets what one desires.

Although the Law of Attraction seems to work like Magic, one of the components of manifestion is 'action'. Sitting around waiting for something/someone to manifest into your life is difficult. By going out, doing something and taking action, you open yourself to cross paths with whatever the Universe provides you as the means to manifesting your desires.

There are many ways to go out and get anything one wants: buy it, steal it, have it given, find it, borrow it, win it, etc. This series is to provide you with ideas and resources I have found and use to get things I want or how I'm looking for what I want. These are all simple and easy steps to take, resources to use in "taking action".

Every post in this series is just a scratch on the surface of how we can get what we desire. Some are free, some are low cost. All are meant to be something you can immediately use now or in the near future. Or at least get you thinking of other options you can explore on your own.

Eventhough many of us, me included, still see money as the primary source for acquiring things, I'm going to start with a short list of ways to bring more money into your life. Remember, using the Law of Attraction is not all about attracting money to get what you want, it's about attracting events, people and circumstances to provide you what you want. You do have to take action to make yourself available to what the Universe provides you.

Sometimes the Universe does provide you the money as a means to your end.

So, let's look at some ways we can get more money.

1. Work for it.
2. Get a higher paying job.
3. Work overtime.
4. Work a second job.
5. Start a part-time business.
6. Teach or train someone your knowledge (examples: tutoring, teach musical instruments, teach someone your hobby, etc.)
7. Sell you own, no longer used items.
8. Gamble or play the lottery.
9. Start an eBay or other online business.
10. Invest
11. Seed money
12. And many other ideas.

This partial list is just a one step to getting more of what you want. Probably nothing new in this list, but if you haven't taken any of these, or other actions, you are leaving out one very important step in using the Law of Attraction, that is "take action."

What other ways can you think of to make more money?

This is one more idea I want to add. Occasionally I go to restaurants and every so often I get an invitation to take a survey about my expeience with that visit. Since these little surveys are valuable tools for businesses and being an entrepreneur I like to give my opinion. In return I can receive a free meal or sometimes cash.

It's not about how much you attract into your life, it's that you DO attract into your life. Each positive manifestation builds on your belief system that you can and do attract everything into your life.

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Sunday, January 6, 2008

“My GREAT 2008″

I have to tell you that 2008 was the best year ever. When I read Lyman's and Vickie's posts about their 2008 experience, I just had to share my joy and exuberance about how well this Law of Attraction stuff works when one keeps on working on themselves.

It all started on January 1. A piece of my mail was mis-sorted among the roommates I was living with at the time. When it was passed to me, it turns out to be a check from a restaurant survey I did sometime previous. WOW! What a great way to start the year.

Later that day, I won an eBay auction for a piece of software that I had been bidding on for the previous 3-4 weeks. I forgot I was even bidding on the item since I had the auto bidder running. It turns out that not only did I win, but the winning bid was the lowest in the past several weeks and even $6.00 less than my maximum bid. Another WOW experience to start the year.

The next several days I received a check in the mail, won stuff at work or online, got free tickets to the zoo, won a couple of hundred dollars at the lottery and in the casino and numerous other affirmations of my ability to manifest positive things in my life. All this and it was only January!

The rest of the year was absolutely amazing. Since then, my blog readership skyrocketed, I put together 3 commercial real estate deals and put the finishing touches on the business plan for my game store. I bought a 4 bedroom 3 bath house, complete with swimming pool, backyard BBQ area and outdoor fireplace. I took my kids on a 3 day land / 4 night sea Disney cruise in the Caribbean, took myself and my new girlfriend on a cruise, bought a hybrid SUV and so many other great things that happened my head is just spinning from all the excitement just remembering these experiences.

In 2008 I got in the best physical shape since my 20's. It seems I have more energy now, than I did in college when I involved with all the clubs and activities.

Most importantly, I dropped so much resistance, worry and fear. It was like taking off several layers of clothes. ( See my post I'm Looking Forward to Getting Unclothed. )

WOW! I am so looking forward to 2009.

The above post is an example of the Power of Intention. The idea I picked up from Vickie's post Intending An Amazing 2008.

Friday, January 4, 2008

"Thoughts from the Universe"

I signed up for the "Thoughts from the Universe" daily messages through TUT's Adventurer Club and got this message today. It very simply tells how the Law of Attraction works.

Don't worry about your "negative" thoughts, Dean. They're par for the course in the jungles of time and space. Change them when you can, but when they overrun you, let them run. Because no matter how persistent they are, you can always spend just 5 minutes a day, in a quiet place, doing your best to imagine your dreams as if they've already come true; seeing yourself happy, laughing, smiling from ear to ear. This will be enough, it's always enough, even if while you're imagining, the negative thoughts creep in. After 5 minutes, leave it alone.

You're in time and space for one reason: to thrive. There's no 50/50 about it.

You are OF the Creator, BY the Creator, and now a Creator yourself, alive on a stage YOU designed for your own adventures. You were not an afterthought and you didn't design it to just eek by. All of the elements are beholden to you; you summoned them, you dreamed them into place, and now they conspire endlessly in your favor. "On a dime" your life can improve for the better with the slightest effort on your part, no matter how insurmountable the odds, nor how futile your thoughts and deeds may seem. You are "the prodigal child." In a heartbeat you're welcomed back into the fold. In an instant you can be carried along by life's current once you stop struggling against it. And for all of these reasons, and more, it's therefore as if your positive thoughts are 10,000 times more powerful than your negative thoughts. 10,000 times more in alignment with the magnificent tidal wave of energy that you are. 10,000 times more likely to become the things you want than the things you don't want, when you know these truths and you act on them.

Yeah, coolness.

The Universe