Monday, January 7, 2008

Tips For Getting What You Want (part 1) Money

My blog The Law of Attraction for Beginners serves two purposes:

1) To share my experiences with the Law of Attraction

2) Help others learn how to use the Law of Attraction

This series is to give you some ideas about what you can do or resources you can use to get more of what you want.

Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason (aff) program emphasizes that one should focus on WHAT it is you want, not on the method of HOW one gets what one desires.

Although the Law of Attraction seems to work like Magic, one of the components of manifestion is 'action'. Sitting around waiting for something/someone to manifest into your life is difficult. By going out, doing something and taking action, you open yourself to cross paths with whatever the Universe provides you as the means to manifesting your desires.

There are many ways to go out and get anything one wants: buy it, steal it, have it given, find it, borrow it, win it, etc. This series is to provide you with ideas and resources I have found and use to get things I want or how I'm looking for what I want. These are all simple and easy steps to take, resources to use in "taking action".

Every post in this series is just a scratch on the surface of how we can get what we desire. Some are free, some are low cost. All are meant to be something you can immediately use now or in the near future. Or at least get you thinking of other options you can explore on your own.

Eventhough many of us, me included, still see money as the primary source for acquiring things, I'm going to start with a short list of ways to bring more money into your life. Remember, using the Law of Attraction is not all about attracting money to get what you want, it's about attracting events, people and circumstances to provide you what you want. You do have to take action to make yourself available to what the Universe provides you.

Sometimes the Universe does provide you the money as a means to your end.

So, let's look at some ways we can get more money.

1. Work for it.
2. Get a higher paying job.
3. Work overtime.
4. Work a second job.
5. Start a part-time business.
6. Teach or train someone your knowledge (examples: tutoring, teach musical instruments, teach someone your hobby, etc.)
7. Sell you own, no longer used items.
8. Gamble or play the lottery.
9. Start an eBay or other online business.
10. Invest
11. Seed money
12. And many other ideas.

This partial list is just a one step to getting more of what you want. Probably nothing new in this list, but if you haven't taken any of these, or other actions, you are leaving out one very important step in using the Law of Attraction, that is "take action."

What other ways can you think of to make more money?

This is one more idea I want to add. Occasionally I go to restaurants and every so often I get an invitation to take a survey about my expeience with that visit. Since these little surveys are valuable tools for businesses and being an entrepreneur I like to give my opinion. In return I can receive a free meal or sometimes cash.

It's not about how much you attract into your life, it's that you DO attract into your life. Each positive manifestation builds on your belief system that you can and do attract everything into your life.

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