Saturday, January 19, 2008

I attracted this day at work.

It still amazes (which is a good thing) me how well and quickly this attraction stuff works. Living in amazement and wonder is fun and rewarding. I feel grateful that I can see this working and appreciate how well it works. Just amazing.

Most days I wake up feeling good. I spend several minutes each morning planning or visualizing my day. I'm optimistic about how well things are going to go for me. I visualize my short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Lots of good creative manifesting stuff is done in the time I spend between slumber and wakefulness.

This morning I woke up with a throbbing headache. Probably due to staying up too late last night looking for a Wordpress Template to change my blog. This is something I've been tinkering with for several months off and on. I usually give up because at times it seems so daunting of a task to find a theme that is so close to what I want. Then overwhelming to think that I'll have to learn how to change it to my needs and wants. And some dread to move all the posts to the new platform. I contemplate asking others for help, but talk myself out of it. Then I think about passing on the change and think "I'll stick with Blogger." Later, I see all the wonderfull WP templates and I get all jazzed up again to make the transistion. (Wash, rinse, repeat. My self created cycle.)

Waking this morning, in pain, I figure I'll do some EFT tapping to clear out the headache. It lessend the pain enough for me to think "let the rest take care of itself." Well I get to work with a better head, but still in a bit of pain.

Now I'm thinking that I better clear this out, because I'll be attracting all kinds of bad, upset, rude, yelling customers on the phone because my vibes are off. I take some generic headache medicine. I do some more visualizations and self massageing my head, which helps some more.

It comes time to get on the phone and guess what. The second call was a head biter. I knew that was comming. (self fulfilling prophecy) I accepted attracting that call. I was torn between the upset customer talking in my ears (justifiably upset), the self talking in my head (perpetuating the issue further) and the need to be sympathetic and resolve the issue. It seems that I was digging myself deeper and deeper. And to some extent I was, at least for this morning. I was also feeling like there was nothing I could do, which seemed to make it worse. I was getting in my own way.

I got more upset and unhappy customers this morning than I've had in anyone day, in a very long time. It was mostly that way until my first break. I seemed to have cleared that out when I returned from break, since the calls went back to "normal" for me.

Now, it's lunch. I'm feeling clearer, probably from a combination of; right thinking, headache medicine, and focusing more on wanting good calls.

Glad I got that cleared out. The rest of the day is a great experience.

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Nina said...

Hi there - I was surfing the net looking for some relief regarding issues i have at work, and of course (!) up came this post of yours. I find it a bit scary how quickly things happen manifestation-wise... it all changes in the wink of an eye..i know fear is not at all a place to operate from, but wow... it really IS important to feel good all the time.... :)