Friday, April 20, 2007

Attracting an enjoyable work day.

This article touches on the Law of Attraction and the Power of Intent as used in creating a good day at work.

I work as a technical support representative for a major cable company in San Diego, CA. It's an inbound call center that receives calls from our customer's that are experiencing difficulties in using their television, internet or digital telephone services. If you have ever had problems with these services in your area, then you know what the customers we work with experience.

Customer Service is a stressful job. Do a Google search for “most stressful jobs” and you’ll find several articles that cite Customer Service as being in the top ten most stressful jobs. It’s because the representatives are working with upset and irate customers most of the day. Think about it, would you like to be yelled at most of your working day? Call center turnover is very high. I'm not going to defend this industry, rude callers, nor the rude representatives themselves. I'm writing this to show how the power of intention for having a good day at work, really is effective.

Not all customers are mad, mean or rude. Not all telephone reps are rude and ignorant of how to do their job. There are a few bad apples, just like every industry.

I've been doing inbound customer service / technical support for about 7 years. I’ve also worked in the hospitality industry for 10 years and owned my own window cleaning service. I’ve been providing service to the public most of my working life. I love what I do. Well, more specifically, I love helping people, fixing their problems, educating them about our services, etc. I didn’t always enjoy my job. Earlier in my call center career, I allowed myself to become depressed. I got drawn into other people’s drama, problems and frustrations. I was going through a divorce, separation from my kids and other personal problems.

Over the years, with some therapy, personal growth and learning about the power of intention and Law of Attraction principles, my relationships, my career and overall, my life got better. It is getting better all the time.

I do the same work today that I’ve been doing for most of the past seven years. I take calls, resolve problems and make people happy. I also work with the same type of co-workers. People who, for the most part see customers as stupid, ignorant, demanding and unreasonable. They seem to dwell upon the negative. Oh, sure they might be pleasant when talking on the phone, but you can see it in their eyes, hear it in their voice. When on breaks and lunch, they talk about the trouble and problems they have working with some customers.

I see many representatives talk about their "stupid customer", "that rude customer", "that dumb customer". And they talk about getting them one after another after another. Or they'll say "I got nothing but rude/stupid customers all day."

I also hear from customers their complaints about the last tech they spoke with. Each time I hear of someone complaining about their day, the last customer the last rep, I
hear how they live their life. How they interact with other people. Part of me, the helpful, nurturing, optimistic, intentionally living a positive life person, wants to educate them about the Law of Attraction and the power of intention. Several times a day, before I leave home, on the way to work, walking in the door at work, and other times, I'm saying "I am having a great day." "I have good, easy calls and customers." Most of my day is dealing with good customers, and easy troubleshooting problems. When I do get those challenging customers or difficult problems, it is usually when the phone calls are backed up and customers have to wait in queue before being assisted. Now sometimes the long queue escalates their irritability, usually I get the more difficult one because I believe they need my skills, what I have to offer to calm them down or expertise in resolving their particular problem. That I accept since I have so much experience in this industry.

The main point I want to emphasize here is "think about the day you want to have and you'll have it." It might not go the way you thought it should, but it is the best day that is available to you based on your thoughts, attitudes and beliefs.

I've also learned that I've missed out on some experiences in troubleshooting some equipment we provide because my intentions were to have the easy days, the easy troubleshooting process. When I realized those opportunities I've missed, I asked for one or two of those in the morning on my way to work and within the first hour or two, I've gotten those specific problems so I could experience them.

It's amazing what kind of days I have at work.

I enjoy what I do. Do you?

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