Friday, April 13, 2007

Today, I am thankful for...

1) I recently learned that my children and their mother will be moving closer to where I am currently living. Yeah! The kids will be closer to me again. Along with that, the schools they'll be attending are some of the highest rated schools in San Diego County.

2) The promotion at work has gone through, I'm now a Technical Support representative II.

3) The homeowner I'm renting from, Francis, is so willing to work with me and help me through my current transistional process.

I hope that you dear reader take an attitude of gratitude and be thankful for the good things in your life. Since I have started this practice of BEING thankful for the good things in my life, I'm seeing more good things in my life. Some of which you see here when I post them, others I just enjoy throughout the day.

A note: Being thankful is just that, a state of BEING. It's not a "thanks for this and thanks for that" just to get it out, as a courtesy. Genuine gratitude wells up from within, "from the bottom of my heart".

Peace, love and harmony



Anonymous said...

Fantastic Dean! Congratulations.

Andy Bailey said...

good for you Dean!, I noticed a lot more things to be thankful for in my life too since I actually started being thankful.

all good things come to those who are good.