Thursday, April 12, 2007

Law of Attraction is Magick

To many, the results of consciously using the Law of Attraction seems like magick. I've heard many teleseminars, the presenters in the movie The Secret and reading books on intention and Law of Attraction equate the results of manifestation to being like magick.

I've read, studied and practiced magick (or as friends and I refer to it “applied metaphysical phenomenon”) for several years.

I spell magic with a 'k' to differentiate the use of sleight-of-hand from the occult sciences. It’s a common spelling in occult writings. For years I also taught, sold and performed magic shows. So for clarification in my writings I’ll be using both spellings. The spelling with a ‘k’ will refer to the occult sciences.

Now, don't panic about the word occult, dictionaries define it to mean secret, obscure or hidden. Hence the title of the movie The Secret is so appropriate.

Now, what's interesting about my studies of magick, is that it was packed full of ritual and ceremony. That was appealing to me. Some might say it’s because I’m a recovering Catholic. I was also attracted to the occult because of the mystery. Who doesn’t want to know a good secret? I also had a desire for personal power, I wanted to make things happen. This was in part due to my feeling insecure and with little self confidence. I thought that the magickal powers would make everything better. I was looking for the answer outside of myself, in the ritual and ceremony without looking inward for my own power.

Good teachers of the occult sciences and all teachers of Law of Attraction I’ve come across put the responsibility squarely on each individual’s shoulders.

I can tell you that the same basic principles of the Law of Attraction are the basic principles of magick. Occult magick is a formalized application of tuning in the mind, body and spirit, also known as a spell, to cause a manifestation. Not so different from any teacher’s LoA program than anothers. It’s just their spin, their experience, their way of sharing the same information. Much like what you read here.

When preparing for a magickal ritual, the practitioner will determine that which they desire to happen or manifest, some might call this a goal. Many systems of magick will start with a meditation or some relaxation technique, a key component of Law of Attraction teachers espouse is the practice of meditation or some relaxation technique. While performing the magickal ritual, the practitioner is to work themselves up into a frenzy, a higher state of excitement about their desire and to visualize there desire manifested. Similarly, Law of Attraction is based on energy frequencies and higher levels of energy focused through the visualization of the desire.

Once the ritual is completed, the practitioner is to release the energy built-up in the ritual and “let it go” out into the Universe to let the Powers That Be bring into being the practitioner’s desire.

The Law of Attraction works like magic because it is magick. (Yes, I did use both spellings on purpose.)

The New Age movement; Neopaganism, Druidism, Shamanism, Wicca, etc. the numerous references of the occult sciences in today’s society are all evidence that the secret is out in the public awareness. And has been out for years. The explosion of media coverage of books and movies, the number of websites and blogs, the coaches and teachers are just lifting the veil of mystery that has shrouded the Law of Attraction behind the occult sciences.

And Quantum Physics is providing the scientific, imperical evidence that sorcerers, wizards and witches have worked with for centuries.

Blessed Be


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