Monday, April 9, 2007

How the Universe has provided for me.

I’m writing this for two reasons 1) as a reminder to me that the universe has provided and taken care of me and 2) as a story to share with you that the universe will take care of you.

Memorial Day weekend 2004, my 80 year old mother was in a car accident. The worse part was a broken knee. Needless to say, as soon as I found out, I left San Diego and headed up to Huntington Beach to care for her. Nothing unusual about a son going to take care of his mother. But this was just the beginning.

This incident took place about 3 weeks before my children’s mother was planning to leave the San Diego area and move to the San Fernando Valley area. I knew that she was planning this move and I even started planning to make my move out of San Diego to be closer to children. The distance from San Diego to Huntington Beach is about 110 miles. The distance from Huntington Beach to San Fernando Valley is about 55 miles. So, the plans I was making to move closer to where the children would be living was already taken care of for me.

Skip ahead to September 2005, my mother is now in a home and I was seeking employment. The day I received an offer for a position that was a great fit for me and my work history, was the day the children’s mother decided to tell me that she was thinking about moving from San Fernando Valley back to Lakeside.

I was to start my new job on October 3, 2005. On October 1, 2005, my mother passed away. Hmmm. The children and their mother moved back to Lakeside in late October 2005. Then on the Monday after Thanksgiving, my new employer, laid me off. So, my mother is gone, my employer has downsized me and nothing is holding me to Orange County, CA, so I moved back to San Diego.

Eventhough the events were a bit difficult and challending, many little stories within this timeframe, I was always close to my children. Ways opened up for me to remain close to my children.

I am grateful for the opportunities for me to be close to my children and be actively involved in their lives.

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Anonymous said...

Way to look for the positive and recognize that you are always looked out for!