Saturday, April 28, 2007

Watch the Universe for Signs

One of the teachings of the Masters of Law of Attraction is to look for signs from the Universe.

What is a sign from the Universe? Sometimes it could be a book that someone tells you about, maybe it'll be 2-3 people who tell you about the same book within a week. A sign might be seeing the same type of store you want to open for your own business go up for sale and you should buy it, or start your own since the competition is lessening. Of course that store closure could mean the universe is making you aware that the market is not ready or doesn't need that type of business.

I look for signs everywhere. It's not that I obsess about looking for signs, I'm just being aware of my environment. I look at the clouds in the sky, the animals that move around me, the conversation of people talking near me. Sometimes it's loosing internet connection at home when I'm trying to buy something on the internet.

Let me tell you what happened yesterday at work.

I started my last 15 minute break at work. Went outside and decided to open my car windows to vent out the heat and freshen up the car during the rest of the day. I also remembered it is an "80's weekend" on radio station Jack 100.7 FM here in San Diego. I thought I'd catch an old song and trigger a good memory. Something interesting about this station, it has listeners call in an leave messages about what they think about the station.

So, I get in my car, turn the key to power the windows and radio, the radio started and I heard a listener's voice say "I love what you're doing, keep it up." Then a song from one of my favorate bands, Fleetwood Mac, started to play "Gypsy".

Boy, did I get a good feeling triggered. The Universe spoke very good things to me. It said "I love what you're doing, keep it up," and played me a great song.

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Sarah said...

I have been looking for signs in the same exact way and wasn't aware that other people do too!

I had the universe tell me 3 things just last night, pertaining to something that had happened earlier in the day. The common theme of these three individual things DIRECTLY related to what I had experienced earlier. By the end of the evening, I felt better knowing that the initial outcome was not necessarily the end all be all, if I just persevere. =)