Friday, May 25, 2007

How I Raise My Vibes: The High Vibes Game

This TAG game is interesting and fun. :)

I was doing some online reading tonight. I usually don't go online Friday nights since I watch the Sci-Fi channel. But tonight Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are reruns, so...

Anyway, Cardin over at started the High Vibes Game. I like to play games, they are fun and interesting. The High Vibes Game is fun for me, because it gives me something new and informative to post. Interesting because this game will help many readers gain access to a lot of good ideas on how to raise one's vibrations.

When I had this post completed, I was going to post an article of Vickie's from at High Vibe It, that is when I found out I had been TAGged for this game. Thanks Vickie for giving me my first TAG and raising my vibration. :)

Here are some of the activities I do to increase my vibrations. (In no particular order.)

Hang-out with and/or Talk with Friends

Since my friends and I are attracted to each other, we obviously have similar vibrations. We like to talk about high vibration topics; just laugh and have fun; enjoy life; or do other high vibration activites. Being with friends is where I can be totally free. No work behavioral requirements, no concern for political correctness, or need to comply with societal expectations.

Play with Children

Children are much closer to their True Source than many adults. So, they feelings of joy and happiness seem to be more honest and fulfilling. Their high vibrations of happiness and laughter are really quiet infectious. I love watching little children learning to use their body, practice drinking from a straw, learning to walk, playing with a bottle cap. What I really love most to do with little kids is play peek-a-boo. Especailly when it gets them laughing and giggling.

Go Outside

I'm fortunate enough that my work building is overlooking a canyon and nature preserve that is teaming with wildlife. I love going on walks and feeling the sun's warmth, the breeze moving up the canyon, hearing the birds chirpping, the wind rustling the trees and bushes. I truly feel in tune with nature's abundance.

Listen to Music

Long ago, listening to music that was what I wanted to hear took some effort. (vinal and tapes) Now-a-days, digital music makes listening to what you want, when you want it and in the order you want it is very kool. I've put together a playlist of uplifting and high vibrational music that really brings up and keeps up vibrations. I get a real kick out of the Universes messages when I just turn on the radio and find a really good song playing that fits the activity or experience I'm going through or just went through.


Today I have a much more thorough understanding of the value of appreciation. It was explained to me years ago, but the explaination in the movie The Secret really shed some new light. I'm talking about really feeling genuine appreciation. It's easy to say "I appreciate" this and that, but when I really feel it, wow, what a difference it feels like.

TAGs going out to:

Breathing Prosperity

Drew Rozell

I'm Thankful For...

Getting my PC repaired on my own without having to reformat. :)

The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

Troubling times? Not making progress? Running into set-backs or roadbolacks? Emmanuel Lopez of recently posted his Tip #54 Recognize Your Secret Training. In this article he recognizes "that blocks are a signpost that it's time to train for a necessary new life skill."

I concur with his statement. He reminds us of two movies that are excellent examples of instances when one should look at our blocks, to moving forward, as a sign that something else is either comming or that we should take this time to study and learn new skills that will help us move past our blocks and continue on our journey of growth and development.

I've experienced blocks in my life that have impacted my life dramatically. It's amazing how they seem to 'suck' as we experience them, but Emmmanuel points out the importance of seeing these blocks as opportunities and to approach them with a positive attitude. This gets back to the LoA principle that 'like attracts like.' If we are thinking that this current situation 'sucks' then we continue to see the situation 'sucking'.

In some recent experiences (see How the Universe has provided for me) my life was in turmoil. Not only from the impact of my mother's illness on me, but on my children and their mother. It's interesting that I was able to overcome the negative aspects of what was happening and my children's mother had a much different approach to handling the events that were going on.

When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Recently I came across Jack Canfield's audio CD "The Success Principles", based on his book by the same title. In one section Jack talks about being an "inverse paranoid". He shares an affirmation that I modify for my use in the mornings "The world in plotting to do me good today, I'm looking forward to seeing what it is." Of course this affirmation, like all affirmations works for us only if we believe it. However, by having this attitude about each day, we will see that any situation that arises, actually is for the good of our life, dispite what others may see it to be.

The turmoil that one goes through is not a punishment, it's not a bad thing, it's how you perceive and feel about what is happening that makes it seem that way. The Universe just give you what you are thinking and feeling. Yes, it can at times be overwhelming, a lower vibration. But looking for the signs that something good will happen, being hopeful is a higher vibration and a higher vibration will bring about higher vibration experiences.

My Secret Training

Recently I've been looking for more income through employment (and other sources). Either a higher paying job or a second job. I've not found anything that I'm getting calls for on my applications nor submitted resumes. Then a position opened up at my current employer. Unfortunately, I have not been employed with them long enough so I could not post for that position. This did reawaken my desire, inspired me to action.

For years I've toyed around with the idea of going into the training and development. I've taught Public Speaking as a Graduate Teaching Associate at SDSU, taught magic and showmanship to aspiring magicians, taught bowling, technical classes at previous employers and even now I'm teaching. Recent expereinces have shown me that this is the career change that I need to make now. How do I know? There are many signs that have appeared to me recently, for example: 2 weeks ago after work I was taking a friend home, he wanted to show me the church he attends on Sundays. While on tour, we came across a meeting room that was being set-up for a Toastmasters group. The person setting up the room is a corporate trainer. The circumstances just seemed too coincidental since I've been missing attending toastmasters (I use to be very active in a chapter.) Seemed very synchronistic to me.

We all come across challenging situations, setbacks, roadblocks, it is how we perceive these experiences when they get here and how we handle them through the process that moves us forward. Stewing in the negative energy will only slow us down further than the setback. Taking time to breath, to relax, to study and observe what the situation has to teach us is an easier and faster process through this troubling time.

Take a deep breath.

Go for a walk.

Listen to music.


Study / read.

Monday, May 14, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

Here in sunny San Diego, the weather is wonderful. I ate my lunch outside, at an umbrella covered table and was struck by the beauty of the day. I realize how fortunate I am to live here in San Diego.

While eating I recited my gratitude for:

my eyes, to see the beauty of the day, the variety of colors, the birds flying and the sun.
my ears to hear the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees, the chirping of the birds, co-workers speaking at a nearby table.
my nose to smell subtle sents that waft through the air and from my food.
my skin to feel the wind blowing, the warmth of the sun.
my tongue to taste my food.

I delight in my body, it's senses and the delight of it all.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Some Affirmations

Divine Spirit is my infinite supply and large sums of money come to me quickly and easily for the highest good of all concerned. I am happy and easily earning, saving and investing $100,000.00 or more each year.

I like myself.

I feel terrific.

I am confident.

I am inspired.

I am successful.

I am responsible.

I believe in myself.

I am healthy, flexible and agile.

I enjoy working from home.

I enjoy talking with people.

I enjoy effectively communicating with people.

I am effectively communicating my needs and wants with my children.

I am persistent in pursuing my goals.

I am likeable, trustworthy and friendly.

I believe the world is plotting to do me good and I am looking forward to seeing what it is.

I am a safe and cautious driver, I arrive at all my destinations on time and in a safe and efficient manner.

I feel worthy of achieving higher goals.

My need for achievement overpowers my fears of rejection.

I maintain a level emotional response despite ups and downs.

I am especially effective at calming people in stressful situations.

Today I'm thankful for...

I usually awake in the mornings about 6:30 without an alarm. Well, actually my alarm clock is the sounds of birds chirping. It's 5:30 am, and the dark of night is just starting to lessen her grip on the world. A crow or two start to caw. Then another type of bird chirps in. More birds are starting to wake and declaring to the world they are here. They seem to be waking each other. After 10 minutes it sounds like a symphony with all the different chirps, caws and occasional hoot. It's like they are calling forth the sun to rise.

I'm watching the light of day come, something I haven't watched in awhile. The more the light comes, the more sounds I hear.

I'm sitting on the front porch of my beautiful two story home, a cup of coffee and the tranquility of this dawn surrounds me as the world and I awaken to this new day.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

I'm Thankful for...

Wow, not even an hour out of bed this morning and great things happen to me.

First, a very kind and courtious driver allowed me out of a driveway to enter the flow of traffic, eventhough traffic was extremely light and there was absolutly need for the driver to wait. It's a nice thing to experience on the way to work.

Then, returning to the car after buying my Marie Calander's frozen dinner for my lunch, turning on the radio I first hear a line from a Steely Dan song "I.G.Y."

"What a beautiful world this will be
What a glorious time to be free "

All this and I've been awake for about 40 minutes.

"What a glorious time to be free"

Friday, May 11, 2007

I Am Thankful For...

My kids who want to watch The Secret every night.

They found the story about Gratitude Rocks really interesting. They went out and collected a bunch of rocks, washed them up and went out selling them to people in the neighborhood. It gave me a great thrill to see them excited about the project and working together. I smiled as I watched them try explaining the process of gratitude.

They offered me a selection of rocks for me to choose one. I keep it with me all the time. It makes me smile each time I touch the rock. It triggers my memory of them.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How to Develop Visualization: A Key Component to Goal Attainment and Manifestation

I’m sure we’ve all heard something to the effect that to attain your goals, to manifest your desires to accomplish great things, you need to visualize the object of your desire as already accomplished. Some people can do this easily, some of us put too much pressure on the need to visualize and manifest that this becomes a chore. It is also frustrating when we don’t "see" that which we desire. This article teaches a method to develop and build up your power of visualization, the ability to "see" with your mind. One week of this exercise is an incredible way to start and continue to build this skill.

Items you will need

An 8.5 x 11 inch piece of white construction paper, you remember from school, the thick paper we used to cut out things and glue to other pieces of paper.

A ruler
A soda can (or something round about the size of a soda can
A pen or marker for drawing lines and shapes
You’ll also need 4 colors of either crayons, markers, pens something that will color the shape we are about to draw. It’ll be best to use the colors red, blue, green and yellow; however, if you prefer purple, cyan, periwinkle or some other color, feel free to use whatever colors work for you.


Cut the white piece of construction paper into four (4) equal pieces.

Then draw on each piece of the four pieces of paper one of the following shapes: circle, square, triangle and a rectangle.

Then using your four coloring markers, pens, whatever, color each shape with a different color. For this exercise, use your preference what shape gets what color.

Now you have four pieces of white construction paper of equal size with a different colored geometrical shape drawn on each of the four pieces. Of course some of you are proficient enough with the computer to draw the images and print them out with your printer. Or, have your kids do this project for you.

There are other ways to accomplish the same end result for this exercise, but for brevity, I’m giving one process to make the cards themselves. You can make them by any process; the idea is to make this easy and simple.

The Visualization Exercise

Now get into a quite place where you can relax and be alone for about 10-15 minutes. You should be in a well lighted, but not too bright of a room.

You will now take one of the four pieces of paper with a colored shape on it and spend about a minute focusing all your vision and attention on that one piece of paper with the colored shape on it. Follow the edge of the shape with your eyes. Notice the contrasting colors of the paper, the line and the colored shape.

Do this for about a minute, then close your eyes and you will see this shape in your mind. Some people will see the image really quickly; some will spend more time practicing this exercise several times.

Now, do this with each of the 3 other pieces of paper and shapes. Look at the piece for about a minute, then close your eyes and view this in your mind for as long as you can.

Rest and repeat a couple of times.

Do this every day for a week. You will notice that your ability to maintain each colored shape will remain in your mind longer and become clearer the more you practice.

This project is purely an exercise in developing your power of visualization. There is no pressure or expectation to manifest a yellow triangle or green rectangle. This way you stay clear and focused on the exercise of developing your mental muscle and leave the expectations of manifestations outside while developing this skill

After your first week, then introduce a picture of one of your desires into the mix of cards. With the idea of this being an introduction and beginners process of manifestation start with a cup of coffee, or a new pair of shoes or a new bicycle.

The idea is to continue building up your visualization and retention of the images of the colored shapes for the second week and introduce real objects of your desire.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

A New Approach with Gratitiude

Recently I read an article by Patricia Carrington PhD entitled "Using the 'Future Thanks' Method to Create What You Want." This article shares the idea of being in gratitude as a way of manifesting desires.

Remember in the movie The Secret the woman who cleansed herself of breast cancer by say "thank you for my healing". Joe Vitale wrote about a phrase he learned "Thank you god for all the blessings that I have and all that I am receiving."

This appraoch puts one in the space of accepting that which already is, that which we are grateful for, plus it opens us up to being in the Now with our desires that are manifesting. We are creating the new now.

The first three paragraphs were written yesterday, Saturday May 5, and today I'm finishing this post. Throughout the entire day yesterday, but especially during lunch, I kept saying to myself 'Thank you for all the blessings in my life and the blessings I am receiving." "Thank you for all the good things that are happening to me."

During lunch I went for a walk around the canyon and nature preserve near work. Most of the walk I was drinking in the beauty of the day, soaking in the warm sun and clear sky, the cool breeze and feeling the nature around me. Most of the time I kept saying those phrases and other positive affirmations would surface and I spoke them as well.

Today, the entire day is such an excellent day. Environmentally it may just be because it's San Diego but I see it in a whole different view. It feels so nice to be into the Now, it is a bit of a high. This is great.

Now, I see every day as a totally beautiful day. Windy, overcast or rainy, I see every day as a perfect gift from the Universe to show me the beauty of everything. I love watching the birds fly, the lizards crawl, the clouds float on by, wow, I love living this way.

Thank you for all these wonderful expereinces.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Value of Being in the Now.

It’s interesting that one can be exposed to and learn many ideas, concepts and processes about personal development, spirituality, Law of Attraction, Power of Intention, etc and the concept doesn’t really click. Today was the day that I was hit with the “ah ha” moment of the concept of being in the Now.

Meditation practices advocate releasing the thoughts that come to your mind. To be in the Now and let go of thoughts about the past or the future. I studied ZaZen meditation with a friend of mine years ago. Like many disciplines I didn’t stay with it. However, during that time when I did sit for a few weeks, during one sitting I felt so “in the now” I think I attained Samadhi. Not that Samadhi is a state to accomplish; it is a state of being. None-the-less, it was a wonderful and joyful experience.

I’ve read numerous personal development books, too many to list here, instructing the reader to see oneself in the state of the goal(s) already attained. One would think this is a future orientation, but for clarification, you are to visualize yourself ALREADY IN POSSESSION of the goal. In the Law of Attraction teachings, we are taught to be in the Now. To see and feel ourselves in the state of being in the NOW, already experiencing the desire we want.

Of course I, like many readers, experienced the overwhelming presence of the Now with the debt, the fears and worry of the future and the weight of the past dragging us back into history. The Now was nothing more than the past or future in the Now filled with worries and anxieties.

The Now

It is here, Now, the Present that I’m finding to be of great benefit. It is Now that I find myself receiving inspired action. This article is being written because I could not sleep, eventhough I felt tired. I was inspired to write this now and in this process of writing, I’m energized.

Today is one of my days off from my technical support position. This morning I dropped the kids off at school and hung-out at a bagel shop until a bookstore opened. I spent the day in the bookstore in reading the book Ask and It is Given. During my time reading, I was struck by the enjoyment of the Now. I was sitting in a comfortable chair and reading. I came to a natural pause and thought how nice it is to spend so much time reading. How nice it is to be in a comfortable chair, in a nice environment and reading a good book. I now see the Now is filled with abundance. I find more to appreciate in the present since this is where it is. The Now is the time and place to BE for gratitude.

The future is the Now that is yet to be and the past is the Now that has been.