Tuesday, May 8, 2007

How to Develop Visualization: A Key Component to Goal Attainment and Manifestation

I’m sure we’ve all heard something to the effect that to attain your goals, to manifest your desires to accomplish great things, you need to visualize the object of your desire as already accomplished. Some people can do this easily, some of us put too much pressure on the need to visualize and manifest that this becomes a chore. It is also frustrating when we don’t "see" that which we desire. This article teaches a method to develop and build up your power of visualization, the ability to "see" with your mind. One week of this exercise is an incredible way to start and continue to build this skill.

Items you will need

An 8.5 x 11 inch piece of white construction paper, you remember from school, the thick paper we used to cut out things and glue to other pieces of paper.

A ruler
A soda can (or something round about the size of a soda can
A pen or marker for drawing lines and shapes
You’ll also need 4 colors of either crayons, markers, pens something that will color the shape we are about to draw. It’ll be best to use the colors red, blue, green and yellow; however, if you prefer purple, cyan, periwinkle or some other color, feel free to use whatever colors work for you.


Cut the white piece of construction paper into four (4) equal pieces.

Then draw on each piece of the four pieces of paper one of the following shapes: circle, square, triangle and a rectangle.

Then using your four coloring markers, pens, whatever, color each shape with a different color. For this exercise, use your preference what shape gets what color.

Now you have four pieces of white construction paper of equal size with a different colored geometrical shape drawn on each of the four pieces. Of course some of you are proficient enough with the computer to draw the images and print them out with your printer. Or, have your kids do this project for you.

There are other ways to accomplish the same end result for this exercise, but for brevity, I’m giving one process to make the cards themselves. You can make them by any process; the idea is to make this easy and simple.

The Visualization Exercise

Now get into a quite place where you can relax and be alone for about 10-15 minutes. You should be in a well lighted, but not too bright of a room.

You will now take one of the four pieces of paper with a colored shape on it and spend about a minute focusing all your vision and attention on that one piece of paper with the colored shape on it. Follow the edge of the shape with your eyes. Notice the contrasting colors of the paper, the line and the colored shape.

Do this for about a minute, then close your eyes and you will see this shape in your mind. Some people will see the image really quickly; some will spend more time practicing this exercise several times.

Now, do this with each of the 3 other pieces of paper and shapes. Look at the piece for about a minute, then close your eyes and view this in your mind for as long as you can.

Rest and repeat a couple of times.

Do this every day for a week. You will notice that your ability to maintain each colored shape will remain in your mind longer and become clearer the more you practice.

This project is purely an exercise in developing your power of visualization. There is no pressure or expectation to manifest a yellow triangle or green rectangle. This way you stay clear and focused on the exercise of developing your mental muscle and leave the expectations of manifestations outside while developing this skill

After your first week, then introduce a picture of one of your desires into the mix of cards. With the idea of this being an introduction and beginners process of manifestation start with a cup of coffee, or a new pair of shoes or a new bicycle.

The idea is to continue building up your visualization and retention of the images of the colored shapes for the second week and introduce real objects of your desire.

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