Friday, May 25, 2007

How I Raise My Vibes: The High Vibes Game

This TAG game is interesting and fun. :)

I was doing some online reading tonight. I usually don't go online Friday nights since I watch the Sci-Fi channel. But tonight Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Atlantis are reruns, so...

Anyway, Cardin over at started the High Vibes Game. I like to play games, they are fun and interesting. The High Vibes Game is fun for me, because it gives me something new and informative to post. Interesting because this game will help many readers gain access to a lot of good ideas on how to raise one's vibrations.

When I had this post completed, I was going to post an article of Vickie's from at High Vibe It, that is when I found out I had been TAGged for this game. Thanks Vickie for giving me my first TAG and raising my vibration. :)

Here are some of the activities I do to increase my vibrations. (In no particular order.)

Hang-out with and/or Talk with Friends

Since my friends and I are attracted to each other, we obviously have similar vibrations. We like to talk about high vibration topics; just laugh and have fun; enjoy life; or do other high vibration activites. Being with friends is where I can be totally free. No work behavioral requirements, no concern for political correctness, or need to comply with societal expectations.

Play with Children

Children are much closer to their True Source than many adults. So, they feelings of joy and happiness seem to be more honest and fulfilling. Their high vibrations of happiness and laughter are really quiet infectious. I love watching little children learning to use their body, practice drinking from a straw, learning to walk, playing with a bottle cap. What I really love most to do with little kids is play peek-a-boo. Especailly when it gets them laughing and giggling.

Go Outside

I'm fortunate enough that my work building is overlooking a canyon and nature preserve that is teaming with wildlife. I love going on walks and feeling the sun's warmth, the breeze moving up the canyon, hearing the birds chirpping, the wind rustling the trees and bushes. I truly feel in tune with nature's abundance.

Listen to Music

Long ago, listening to music that was what I wanted to hear took some effort. (vinal and tapes) Now-a-days, digital music makes listening to what you want, when you want it and in the order you want it is very kool. I've put together a playlist of uplifting and high vibrational music that really brings up and keeps up vibrations. I get a real kick out of the Universes messages when I just turn on the radio and find a really good song playing that fits the activity or experience I'm going through or just went through.


Today I have a much more thorough understanding of the value of appreciation. It was explained to me years ago, but the explaination in the movie The Secret really shed some new light. I'm talking about really feeling genuine appreciation. It's easy to say "I appreciate" this and that, but when I really feel it, wow, what a difference it feels like.

TAGs going out to:

Breathing Prosperity

Drew Rozell

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Cardin said...


I like your list a lot. I can especially relate to how fun it is to spend time with people with whom you feel completely free to be yourself.

In my experience the key to that is feelng totally accepted--such a great thing to give and receive!

Thanks for playing!
Cardin Lilly