Friday, May 25, 2007

The Universe Works In Mysterious Ways

Troubling times? Not making progress? Running into set-backs or roadbolacks? Emmanuel Lopez of recently posted his Tip #54 Recognize Your Secret Training. In this article he recognizes "that blocks are a signpost that it's time to train for a necessary new life skill."

I concur with his statement. He reminds us of two movies that are excellent examples of instances when one should look at our blocks, to moving forward, as a sign that something else is either comming or that we should take this time to study and learn new skills that will help us move past our blocks and continue on our journey of growth and development.

I've experienced blocks in my life that have impacted my life dramatically. It's amazing how they seem to 'suck' as we experience them, but Emmmanuel points out the importance of seeing these blocks as opportunities and to approach them with a positive attitude. This gets back to the LoA principle that 'like attracts like.' If we are thinking that this current situation 'sucks' then we continue to see the situation 'sucking'.

In some recent experiences (see How the Universe has provided for me) my life was in turmoil. Not only from the impact of my mother's illness on me, but on my children and their mother. It's interesting that I was able to overcome the negative aspects of what was happening and my children's mother had a much different approach to handling the events that were going on.

When Life gives you lemons, make lemonade

Recently I came across Jack Canfield's audio CD "The Success Principles", based on his book by the same title. In one section Jack talks about being an "inverse paranoid". He shares an affirmation that I modify for my use in the mornings "The world in plotting to do me good today, I'm looking forward to seeing what it is." Of course this affirmation, like all affirmations works for us only if we believe it. However, by having this attitude about each day, we will see that any situation that arises, actually is for the good of our life, dispite what others may see it to be.

The turmoil that one goes through is not a punishment, it's not a bad thing, it's how you perceive and feel about what is happening that makes it seem that way. The Universe just give you what you are thinking and feeling. Yes, it can at times be overwhelming, a lower vibration. But looking for the signs that something good will happen, being hopeful is a higher vibration and a higher vibration will bring about higher vibration experiences.

My Secret Training

Recently I've been looking for more income through employment (and other sources). Either a higher paying job or a second job. I've not found anything that I'm getting calls for on my applications nor submitted resumes. Then a position opened up at my current employer. Unfortunately, I have not been employed with them long enough so I could not post for that position. This did reawaken my desire, inspired me to action.

For years I've toyed around with the idea of going into the training and development. I've taught Public Speaking as a Graduate Teaching Associate at SDSU, taught magic and showmanship to aspiring magicians, taught bowling, technical classes at previous employers and even now I'm teaching. Recent expereinces have shown me that this is the career change that I need to make now. How do I know? There are many signs that have appeared to me recently, for example: 2 weeks ago after work I was taking a friend home, he wanted to show me the church he attends on Sundays. While on tour, we came across a meeting room that was being set-up for a Toastmasters group. The person setting up the room is a corporate trainer. The circumstances just seemed too coincidental since I've been missing attending toastmasters (I use to be very active in a chapter.) Seemed very synchronistic to me.

We all come across challenging situations, setbacks, roadblocks, it is how we perceive these experiences when they get here and how we handle them through the process that moves us forward. Stewing in the negative energy will only slow us down further than the setback. Taking time to breath, to relax, to study and observe what the situation has to teach us is an easier and faster process through this troubling time.

Take a deep breath.

Go for a walk.

Listen to music.


Study / read.