Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The Value of Being in the Now.

It’s interesting that one can be exposed to and learn many ideas, concepts and processes about personal development, spirituality, Law of Attraction, Power of Intention, etc and the concept doesn’t really click. Today was the day that I was hit with the “ah ha” moment of the concept of being in the Now.

Meditation practices advocate releasing the thoughts that come to your mind. To be in the Now and let go of thoughts about the past or the future. I studied ZaZen meditation with a friend of mine years ago. Like many disciplines I didn’t stay with it. However, during that time when I did sit for a few weeks, during one sitting I felt so “in the now” I think I attained Samadhi. Not that Samadhi is a state to accomplish; it is a state of being. None-the-less, it was a wonderful and joyful experience.

I’ve read numerous personal development books, too many to list here, instructing the reader to see oneself in the state of the goal(s) already attained. One would think this is a future orientation, but for clarification, you are to visualize yourself ALREADY IN POSSESSION of the goal. In the Law of Attraction teachings, we are taught to be in the Now. To see and feel ourselves in the state of being in the NOW, already experiencing the desire we want.

Of course I, like many readers, experienced the overwhelming presence of the Now with the debt, the fears and worry of the future and the weight of the past dragging us back into history. The Now was nothing more than the past or future in the Now filled with worries and anxieties.

The Now

It is here, Now, the Present that I’m finding to be of great benefit. It is Now that I find myself receiving inspired action. This article is being written because I could not sleep, eventhough I felt tired. I was inspired to write this now and in this process of writing, I’m energized.

Today is one of my days off from my technical support position. This morning I dropped the kids off at school and hung-out at a bagel shop until a bookstore opened. I spent the day in the bookstore in reading the book Ask and It is Given. During my time reading, I was struck by the enjoyment of the Now. I was sitting in a comfortable chair and reading. I came to a natural pause and thought how nice it is to spend so much time reading. How nice it is to be in a comfortable chair, in a nice environment and reading a good book. I now see the Now is filled with abundance. I find more to appreciate in the present since this is where it is. The Now is the time and place to BE for gratitude.

The future is the Now that is yet to be and the past is the Now that has been.

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