Monday, January 21, 2008

Resistance is Futile

A frequent word found in the language of the Law of Attraction, is resistance. Resistance is any thought, word or action that hinders or slows our natural energy flow and abundance.

Each one of our resistances may seem like such a small issue:

Desire: I want a new car.
Resistance: I don't know how I can afford it.

Desire: I don't like the way he/she does this or that.
Resistance: I'll just deal with it.

Desire: I am going to win the Super Lotto.
Resistance: (Desperately thinking) I hope I win this time.

Desire: The love of my life.
Resistance: I am too overweight, he/she won't like someone as overweight as me.

Desire: I'm moving toward my ideal weight.
Resistance: This diet stuff sucks. I'll have one doughnut today.

Desire: I am achieving great success in my career.
Resistance: Jimmy keeps spending time with the boss, that brown-noser, I'll never get ahead.

Each one of our resistances by itself doesn't seem like much, but over time, in my case 46 years, there is some build-up of resistance.

Think of how a garden hose allows the flow of water from one end to the other end. Or in terms of LoA, the hose (our life) carries the water (our dreams) from Source (the faucet) to manifestation (watering the plants). Now, if we were to put some small pebbles in the hose, the flow of water may be slightly interrupted. Maybe not noticeable at first, but keep adding pebbles, more resistance, and the flow is more restricted. Water still flows, but at a much reduced rate. Dragging that hose around the yard becomes a heavy burden with all the weight of the pebbles and it takes longer to water each plant or area of your garden.

Same with us. Our bodies are the hose and the flow of energy through us is like the water. Now, each negative thought, word or action (resistance) acts as a pebble in the hose. A small number of these resistant thoughts are not much of a hindrance, but over time, when we allow these negative thoughts to stay with us, they accumulate and create greater barriers to our natural state of flowing energy.

Getting the pebbles out of the hose is a relatively simple matter, dump out the pebbles. If the hose is kinked or twisted in a knot, well, the pebbles get stuck until we straighten out the hose to allow the pebbles to come out. In life, we have kinks and knots in our hose and with a little time and effort, we can get the kinks out and undo the knots.

There are numerous ways of releasing our own blocks, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), yoga, meditation, psychotherapy, etc. Each method has it's benefits, some work for one person, another may work for someone else. If you want your energy to flow easily, you need to remove the resistance. How you remove the resistance is up to you. For me, I like EFT, meditation and yoga. Currently I'm doing more EFT and meditation.

Do you need to remove all resistance? Of course not. Remember the analogy of the hose when we first put in a few pebbles, we didn't see any noticeable restriction of water flow? Same here with our energy. By stopping to put in more resistance and reducing or eliminating the blockage resistance we currently have, we will return to a more natural flow of energy.

Use a hose filled with pebbles, the daily watering takes longer due to the resistance of the pebbles blocking in the hose. Use a free flowing hose and the time each day watering our seeds of desire is less, so we can spend more time doing other enjoyable activities. Before you know it, the seeds have germinated and you have enjoyed life so much more because you were not burdened with all the pebbles in your life.

Sure I work on removing my resistance pebbles. I hope you do too. By reading this I hope you see value to work on removing as many resistances you have to let more of the energy of Source flow through you.


Donna Cutting said...

Great post. Have you read "The War of Art" by Steven Pressfield? Fabulous book on overcoming resistance.

tbea said...

Well said, great examples and analogy. I thinks it is often very hard to realize that we are "resisting". Paying attention to the way we feel and then always reaching for a better thought can help to release the resistance. Our feelings are key.

Enhance Life said...

You have added a rather unique touch the the post. Love it.

As the saying goes, temptation the only thing I can't resist!

Enhance Life

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Donna,

I have not read "The War of Art". I'll look into it.

Hi Tbea,

Yup, sometimes the hardest thing is realizing we are resisting. I catch myself many times "wallowing" in a thought and then "wake-up" to the realization that I'm just blocking myself up.

Hi Sham,

Thank you for your comment.

I agree, temptation is a hard one to resist. So is chocolate. :)