Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Tips For Getting What You Want (part 2) Things

In this second installment of this series I'm giving suggestions on ways to get more of what you want.

In Bob Doyle's Wealth Beyond Reason (aff) program he strongly emphasises focusing on what you want. Not how to get what you want, not how much money you need to get what you want, but focus on what you want.

The simplified steps of using Law of Attraction are:

Be clear of what you want.
Visulaize what you want.
Take action.

Here is an example of what I'm talking about. Let's say you want a bicycle. Describe the type of bike you want, a blue 10 speed.

Then visualize and feel yourself riding the bicycle and the wind blowing through your hair. See yourself riding in the countryside with green grass, trees, etc. See yourself riding with your family or friend on a nice outing. Maybe you need the bike as transportation to work, then visualize yourself riding the bike to work. See the route you take to get to work. See yourself locking up the bike at work. See yourself putting the bike away when you get home.

Now, after the visualization, you need to take action to get that bike. You can go to a bike shop and look at bikes, test ride them. Rent a bike and go for a ride, all the while visualizing owning your own bike. Now you've solidified the feelings even more by actually living the dream. Maybe you don't own the bike yet, but you are adding energy to the visualization.

Continue taking action to get the bike. Ask yourself "what are the ways you can get a bike?" Buy one. Steal one. Find one. Have one given. Inherit one. Can you think of other ways?

You've set up the vibration of what you want, you've put it out to the universe. Now believe the circumstances are lining up. Here are some resources available to help you get what you want.

Before looking through these resources, keep in mind of what you want. Take the time each day to use one resource or use several resources during each week.

Local newpapers. Of course these are a major resource that have been around for centuries. I don't have any historical information about how long they have been used for giving away items or selling items at reduced cost over retail, but certianly they are one source of finding your desires.

Craigslist There are different craigslists for different cities. Once you find your city, you can look at ads for just about anything, jobs, real estate, places to rent, furniture, clothing, relationships, etc. You can post ads for items you want or items you are selling or giving away.

FreeCycle This is a new resource I just learned about. Unlike cragislist, this site is only for free items to be given away. You can post what you are giving away or you can post what you want to be given to you. It is preferred that your first post is to give away something and then to balance your posts to give away with posts for your requests.

eBay Of couse you'll need to buy something here. You can also post what you are looking for. I recently spent about four weeks bidding on some software I wanted. The seller was running 3 day auctions. I had a limit to how much I wanted to pay for this software with shipping and finally on New Years day I won the auction and actually paid less than any other previous auction and about $6.00 less than my maximum bid.

Business Cards / Calling Cards Ever see the bowl at a business or restaurant asking for your business card to win a free breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc. 2007 was a good year for me using business cards. My card was drawn three times. More than all other times in past years. Getting cards is simple. Buy the blanks at any office supply location and print your own at home. Nothing fancy. I just print my own with my name, phone number and webaddress.

Here is an example of how I recently used Craigslist.

My kids are growing, like all kids do, and they need some more clothes. I could go buy new clothes, worry about how I'm going to pay for them. I could buy cheap by going to a major discount store, cheaper, but still an expense. I could go to a thrift store, cheaper still but also an expense. Hmmm, now what do I do?

I posted an ad in Craigslist and got offers of clothes from people all over San Diego County. I got more offers of clothes than I can use. Does it matter if these are new clothes? No. I don't allow myself to worry about not having new clothes for my kids. Heck, they either outgrow them quickly or wear them out from use. Besides, I give away lots of old clothes and stuff when they are no longer useful, so I figured there is stuff out there for me too.

By worring about these issues, then I set up resistance to attracting more into my life and that just slows the whole process down. I'm all about attracting positive experiences and in receiving so much generosity from the Universe I feel very blessed and grateful for the abundance that came into my life.

I hope these suggestions help you or inspire to think of other ways to get what you want.

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