Monday, January 14, 2008

Three Important Success Tips with the Law of Attraction

I do not recall seeing these simple steps that the beginning conscious creator should remember while learning to deliberately use the Law of Attraction.

1. Practice
2. Practice
3. Practice

It dawned on me the other day watching my son skateboarding, that he is learning how to do tricks (Ollie, manual and turns) and it takes time and practice. This thought reminded me of what I told my Speech 101 students about the three most important steps to giving a speech in class and getting a good grade practice, practice, practice.

Sure it sounds a bit terse, but think about it. Everything anyone has ever done well, required some effort of practice and repetitive action to do it right. Here are three areas I've learned and still practicing to get better.

1. Practice right thought. In looking back over the years, I thought "I can never afford that" "I'll never accomplish that" "No one will take me seriously" "I'll never have that nice, kind, sweet hottie". And guess what, I was right. I did practice negative thinking. I got real good at it. I did manifest less abundance and less success than others.

I read personal development and self-help books. But I kept thinking, "I'll never get this right" "I'll never get this" "It may work for them, but it won't work for me." That's what kept me back.

Now, I'm practicing right thinking. Guess what? I can find ways to afford what I want. I can accomplish what I'm after. And that hottie, well, I'm still practicing that.

Practicing right thought also means practicing visualization. I have found that the more I've spent visualizing, whether in front of my vision board or just whenever, I'm seeing the images much better now, than a year ago. It's probably that I've done it so many times that the image is becoming clearer and stronger. Hmmm, a clearer and stronger image in my mind. How about that.

2. Practice right action. Just like my son practicing his skateboard tricks and moves, I've taken more time to practice physical actions that are helping me along the way. For instance, when I first started yoga I wasn't nearly as flexible as some other students in the classes. (And won't even compare myself to the instructors flexibility.) But over time, with several weeks of practice at home and in the yoga studio, I became more flexible. Now I have to be honest with you. I haven't practiced yoga in awhile. And because of that lack of practice, I'm actually less flexible than I was when doing yoga. Hmmm, no practice means loss of skill, go figure.

On the other hand, I've been doing EFT for several months now and I'm seeing the benefits of this practice. It's taken the edge off of some stressful situations at work and in my personal life.

Also, I'm doing more meditation. In the beginning, it was difficult for me to sit. Heck, it was difficult for me to want to sit. Then I ordered the free sample Holosync CD from Centerpointe Research Institute. Some would say this is not true meditation, but it works for me.

3. Practice appreciation. Sure it's so "in your face" to see the current situation as less than ideal. You dread thinking about your less than ideal living conditions, the rust bucket you drive or the lousy (or lack of) relationship. I know. It took some time for me to practice appreciating what I do have now, the situation I'm in, that when I released the negative emotions to this situation, then the pieces started to fall into place. (I'm a bit vague here since I'm still working on my goal. See Steve's rule #5 in the Five forgotten rules of the Law of Attraction)

Like my son practicing his skateboarding to get better. I'm practicing the skills and using the tools I've learned to use the Law of Attraction for my benefit. I encourage you to do the same, Practice, Practice, Practice.

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Zoe said...

Hi Dean:
Great blog!
I have used Holosync too and I find it goes right along with law of attraction visualization. After about a year of watching the Secret over and over, and reading Abraham, Earnest Holmes and going to Agape to see Michael Beckwith this stuff is starting to sink in!
I am starting a law of attraction site and some building other sites as a business and I never would have done any of this without doing all this practice!

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Zoe,

Thank you for stopping by your compliment.

I'm listening to audios over and over and over, or letting a video play over and over and over too. It all gets inside the head and takes hold. It's all work from the inside.

Much success with your sites.