Saturday, February 2, 2008

Waking Up Without An Alarm Clock

Photo by Victoria G

I woke up yesterday morning with the thought to write a post about waking up without an alarm clock. But I allowed my day to take me in different directions and didn't get to it...until now. Which happened to be after I was Stumbling and came across this post at Pick The Brain.

I've been waking up without an alarm clock for about two years. At the time I'd been comming across information about how we can condition ourselves by programming our subconsciousness just before going to sleep. I also heard about Lucid Dreaming, although I didn't spend much energy looking into it, I got the jest of it.

Additionally, I was always pretty good with time. I could tell the time by looking at the sun in the sky, within about 5-10 minutes. Indoors I could tell you within 10-15 minutes what time it is, without looking at a watch. In fact, throughout my entire life, I hardly ever wore a watch. I am and always have been very punctual. I respect other people's time and I'm sad to say I have little patient for people who are late, tardy and otherwise disrepectful of other's time.

So, I decided that I would try to wake up without an alarm clock. Besides, the "BLAAH, BLAAH, BLAAH" of the alarm buzzing was a bit of a jolt in the morning. For a time I used the radio wake me up, then I thought about what could be placed in my head while in that place between sleep and wakefullness. So, waking up with my own internal clock was something I would work on.

Here is how I started and developed my practice of waking without an alarm clock.

* No drugs or alcohol: I'm not being judgemental nor an anti-substance use commentator, it's just a fact that they effect you mentally and physically which can effect your ability to do this, or any other skill development. Besides when I had a couple of drinks before bed and tried this, I didn't wake as well as I did without the drinks...but who does!

* Physical preparation: I would spend 5-10 minutes doing some stretching to loosen up before going to bed. When I got into bed I'd lay comfortablly on my back, with my arms at my sides and hands on my belly. I'd do diaphragmatic breathing. ( Simple explaination, Wikipedia, )

* Mental preparation: When Diapragmaticly Breathing I'd think the following thoughts (affirmations) or other variations of:

I am relaxed and comfortable.
I sleep well.
I have a restful and relaxing night.
I awaken in the morning at 6:00 am (or whatever time you want) feeling relaxed and refreshed, ready to start my day.
I am looking forward to a great day.

* Visualization: See yourself waking up at 5:59 am. Fully awake, sitting up, looking at the clock and turning off the alarm switch since you are up and ready to begin your day.

Once in bed, the breathing, mental affirmtions and visualizations would take about 5-10 minutes before I'd be off in la-la-land. It does take some practice. Within a week, you'll be falling asleep in about 10 minutes. You'll be sleeping deeper and more relaxed.

Meditating before going to bed helps tremendously. If you already meditate before going to bed, you know how this improves your sleep.

* Variations: Where I live now, there are lots of trees and when Spring is here, the birds are back and their young are born and their early morning chirps, whistles and caws are a great natural sound to wake-up with. I include in my thoughts before slumber "I awaken to the beautiful sounds of nature waking up at sunrise."

Once I got use to waking up before the alarm would go off. I'd start to program myself to wake up earlier on my own 5, 10, 15 minutes before the alarm was set. I eventually stopped turning on the alarm. I do always wake up in time to get me (and when they are with me, my children) up and out the door. 99.9% of the time, I'm early or on-time for work, including breakfast, making lunch and transporation to school and work. Admittedly it's a bit more rushed on these days, but we make it.

I started to expand my thoughts during my sleep preparations. I figure if I can manifest things and situations to work in my favor, then I'll include my children. I've been adding thoughts and saying affirmations about my children sleeping better and waking easier in the morning. In the mornings I ask them how they slept they last night. They tell me good. The past couple of times, even told me, without me prompting this particular response, they sleep better in my home then elsewhere.

If you are looking to have a good day, it starts with a good night's sleep and the intention to have a good day. Let the first thing you hear in the morning be the sound of birds chirpping, the call of nature waking you up, your own dreams whispering in your ear to wake-up, not the "BLAAH, BLAAH, BLAAH" of an alarm clock.


Wendy said...

Hi Dean, love your blog! You know, I used to be really good at waking without an alarm clock, but over the years I lost confidence in my ability to do it. (I'd worry, "what if it doesn't work this time?" and of COURSE, with that kind of didn't!) But I really abhor that annoying buzzing, so maybe I will renew my practice! You've given some great tips, and I will give them a try, thanks! :-)


Franx said...

When our mind relax and focus on what we want to do so..As you wish you will get what you want.Congratulation for your success applying Law Of attraction. I already read LOA by Michael J Losier..It's nice to use and follow

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Wendy,

Thank you for your compliment.

I know what you mean about the lost confidence thing. I'm learning to look at my other successes, both way in the past and recent ones, and use them as support for strenghtening my current beliefs about future manifestations. Such as "Well Dean, see you've done one, two and three. So, you can do four, five and six, and seven, and eight, etc."

Have a great day.

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Franx,

Yup, relaxing and focus really are key components of manifestation. Like all skill development it takes three things, "practice, practice, practice."

I love Michael Losier book. Very quick and easy read.