Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm looking forward to getting unclothed.

Many people, like me, when starting to use the Law of Attraction, desire to see immediate change and when it doesn't happen become disappointed and discouraged. We've seen or read "The Secret" and seem to forget about the "buffer of time." We are in a society that has been molded to increase our desire for immediate gratification: "Instant Loan Approval," "Get Cash Now," spray on our cologne and be a woman magnet "bow Chika bow wow," eating our candybar "really satisfies you" and many more.

As beginners using the Law of Attraction often when we don't see the instant manifestation of our desires, we cycle back to our existing limiting belief systems we've built up over years when ignorant of The Law of Attraction.

So when does this whole thing turn around?

Well, that depends on how much and how long you've been thinking negative and limiting thoughts. It also depends on how much you put into changing your thoughts to align more with what good you want and less of what you don't want. Remember the "buffer of time"? We still have thoughts and desires, albeit some negative ones, that are in queue still working their way through the system to get to us.

This doesn't mean that new good thoughts and desires won't or can't come into our lives. They most certainly can and will. What is important to remember is that we still have other thoughts and desires we had in the past that are in the system on their way to us. What we can do is change how we react and think about what manifests today, tomorrow and beyond. Look at this manifestation of a negative situation and think "Wow! I really can manifest what I think about. Now, how can I make this better?"

"If you do today, what you did yesterday, you'll get tomorrow what you got today."

Now is the time of choice. This is when we can choose to stay in the negative emotion and perpetuate the negative attractions or change our thoughts into one of a higher positive vibration. See The Emotion Guidance Scale in my previous post ("Back to Basics: Emotions")

This is where the training comes in to play. What training? That depends on what you've attracted into your life and what feels comfortable to you. Some examples of the training I'm talking about comes from reading books such as "Think and Grow Rich" "As a Man Thinkith" "The Science of Getting Rich." Programs to sign-up for, Wealth Beyond Reason (aff), Wealth Fundamentals Pack (aff), The Science of Getting Rich (aff). There is energy manipulation techniques: acupuncture, acupressure, massage therapy, reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique (aff), binaural beats audio programs and the old standbys of yoga and meditation. The list goes on and on.

By learning and practicing any one or combination of these and other techniques or processes, then we are preparing ourselves for life's events. The events we've attracted to ourselves by our previous thoughts.

I consider my emotions something very special and precious. I'm still working on the balance and mastery of my emotions. I know they are a very strong aspect of who I am. I am very passionate and when I feel or experience an emotion, I can really enjoy being in that emotion for a long time. Even ones that are lower on the vibrational levels, depression, insecurity, unworthiness, worry, doubt, etc. I do have great moments of joy, pleasure, enthusiasm, but in the past it seems I've spent more time with the lower vibrational emotions than with the positive ones.

In the past 46+ years, I've spent time with those negative emotions and attracting the corresponding events that keep me in those states. That is a lot of stuff I've been attracting.

Here is an analogy I've been working on: We all start out as bright shinning beings of spirit and over time we put on layers of negative clothing that cover our light. I've been putting on layers of negative emotional clothing. For example: Parents tell us "no" and we get a negative sock to put on. I'm pissed you cut me off, put on a anger undershirt. I got fired from that stinking job I hate, put on a negative pair of underwear and negative pants. I'm depressed my girlfriend left me, put on a negative coat. After a number of years, if you could see me with these clothes on, I'd look like a four year old wearing a goose down stuffed winter jacket, all puffy and lost in the clothing.

So, now I've spent a couple of years, off and on but mostly on, working on experiencing and living in the positive emotions. Each day, hour, minute of being emotionally positive, allows me to remove another article of negative clothing so I can get back to the bright shinning soul that was born 47 years ago.

I've got some more clothes to take off.

Each day I can remove one or more articles of clothing, I feel less burdened but the weight of these extra clothes I've put on over the years still weighs on me and sometimes it seems like I might not ever get out of all this. Now, here is the best part, I look back and see how many negative cloths are in the discard pile and I can celebrate the success of taking off more clothes. I can get excited about taking off more clothes and seeing the improvement. It's just a matter of how long it takes me to remove my clothes. Hence the title of my post.

Imagine if I were really wearing all those clothes. (Turning for a profile view: "Does this make me look fat?")

Now I realize how much of a burden all these clothes have put on me, how they restrict my movements and taking actions. Maybe even how unattractive I believe they might make me look to someone else. Now it's time that we, you and I, do the positive things we're learning to do: Emotional Freedom Technique, meditation, reading good books, listening to tapes/CDs, reading blogs, thinking good thoughts, etc.

How fast we take off our clothes is up to you and me. How many books do we read? How many programs do we sign-up for? How many tapes/CDs do we listen to? AND most importantly, how often, how sincerely do we practice what we learn.

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