Friday, December 28, 2007

My 2007 Law of Attraction Year in Review

It's that time of year when magazines, television shows, etc. do some type of "year in review" so I'm going to share my review of 2007 through the Law of Attraction.

Previous to 2007, I didn't fully know or understand the Law of Attraction. Sure many things went well for me, but I also worried about many things. Much of what I worried about never did happen. But something else to worry about seemed to show up. I would think to myself "boy the universe always does find a way to get me out of a problem." Then the next problem would come up and I'd worry again, just to be rescued at the last minute.

Today, what I worry about is greatly reduced. After months of practicing EFT, spending more time meditating, reading more and more about personal development and Law of Attraction, and practicing "right thinking", I'm in a better state of mind. Sure there is more growth, but I've cleared out more of the negativity this past year.

In 2007 I received many good things:

* I met many new people through work, social groups and blogging.
* I've met people in random situations (grocery check-out lines, bookstores, resturants) and in the conversations that developed, words of wisdom or good feelings, were exchanged that made the day a little brighter.
* I found a new place to live, close to work and later found out it was to be closer to where my children would eventually move.
* I received many free lunches and dinners.
* I was successful in all legal actions taken against me and I'm able to keep custody of my children.
* I received a couple of gift cards, just in time, that allowed me to buy things that wore out.
* I was given free massages.
* I've won a couple of contests and drawings.
* I played and won numerous scratch-off lottery tickets. More that I spent on tickets.
* I get to spend more time with my children helping them get their homework done.
* I've received numerous compliments about my quality of work from customers and management.

These items and circumstances represent the good things I've attracted into my life.

One trick I learned, in 2007, that really benefits me is to write in a Gratitude Journal. I've written much in my Gratitude Journal. Documenting the proof that I do attract more good into my life. When I read this journal, I get warm fuzzies again, just like when I originally experienced these items or circumstances coming into my life. The original experience raises my vibrations and rereading about the experience raises my vibrations again. I'm sure that by keeping this practice, and others, 2008 is an even better, more fulfilling and abundant year.

I'm wishing you much success and happiness for 2008.


Anonymous said...

What a great journal you have here :) I really enjoy it, thanks :)

Dean Lacono said...

Hi bliss-quest (Lisa),

Thank you so much for dropping by and your compliment. I'm glad you enjoy it.