Sunday, March 11, 2007

Definition of the Law of Attraction

The simplest description of the Law of Attraction is:

Like attracts Like.

The Law of Attraction is one of the universal laws about how things work. The Law of Gravity is a constant throughout the universe. The Law of Cause and Effect is unchangeable.

Let's use these examples to illustrate on a social level. Have you noticed that athletic people seem to hang-out together; outgoing, enthusiastic people hang-out together; ruffians and hoodlums hang-out together; the quiet and reserved people hang-out together? See like attracts like.

On a spiritual / metaphysical / mental level this "like attracts like" means that what you think, how you act, how you feel is what you "see" or experience in your life. You may not see the physical, but the essence of your thoughts is what happens in your experience. Some examples of this: You wake-up in the morning, with or without a hangover, and you bump your toe on the dresser and you think *%@!$, then go to brush your teeth and squeezing out too much toothpaste and it falls off the toothbrush and you think, "Great, what else can go wrong with today?" Then your coffee mug spills, you hit all the red lights on the way to work and once again you think "I'm having a lousy day." The rest of the day stays just as bad or may even get worse. All because you thought it was a bad day.

So, what would happen if you thought "It's a great day" when you wake-up. You listen to the birds chirping and think "Wow, this is a beautiful day." Even when the sky is overcast and may look like rain, it is still a beautiful day.

I've started this thought process recently when I discovered what the Law of Attraction is and how it works. I walk around with a smile on my face, just feeling good about life and what is happening to me. How has this affected my life? Well, let me tell you. I work in a call center for a major cable company, doing technical support. We get calls all day long. Calls come in from customers when their digital telephone, high speed Internet or television service does not work. There are easy calls to handle and fix and more complex issues that we get calls about. All day I'm thinking "I want to have a good day," "I want to have good calls." I've even thought about some of the type of calls I'd like to have/experience on some days and I get those calls. My kids started something, not sure where they got it, "go to sleep with a smile on your face."

This is all a brief and simplified definition of the Law of Attraction. It makes sense and to me it's working. I've learned a lot about the Law of Attraction recently and my personal experience with the deliberate use of the principles I'm learning, things are much better in my life. In the process of learning about the Law of Attraction, it's been shown to me that one of the best ways to actually learn something is to teach what you learn, hence this blog.

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Next posting will discuss How the Law of Attraction works.

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