Monday, March 5, 2007

Sharing it all

For years I've struggled with wealth, prosperity, happiness, joy, etc. Years ago I owned and operated a window cleaning service in my hometown area of Huntington Beach, CA. I thought I was doing well, I wanted success, but looking back I see some of how I sabotaged myself. I recently remembered a vision of me driving and looking at simple (at the time) $150,000.00 homes and thinking to myself "I'll never be able to afford a house like that." And now, 15 or so years later, those same houses are about $500,000.00. Hmmm.

But I've also learned that there are ways to have what I want. To get it all, happiness, prosperity, joy, etc. It's all come together now and I want to share with you this important information.

I knew there was something. I knew there was a way. I knew something needed to change and it's now come across my desk. I'm so excited about what I've learned I've got to share this with everyone so, I'm writing this blog. I'll be going in to more details about my story. I'll be sharing incidents and events as they happen or manifest. I'll probably even write about what I'm going to do and manifest. In short, I belive so strongly about what I've come across, I'm putting it all out and letting you watch, read and JOIN me. I emphasize join because it is true, you can join me. As you will see from future blogs, that I'm no one special. ( in the mundane meaning) However I have learned, actually I now accept as TRUTH, that I am special.

Stay tuned.

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