Thursday, April 3, 2008

Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #31 - Back to Basics

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Welcome to Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #31. This edition's topic is Back to Basics. "Write an article or give a lesson in the Law of Attraction for a beginner. Someone who has never heard about the Law of Attraction or is so new to the concept that you are pretty much sharing the information with someone without a lot of knowledge or experience about manifesting our realities."

For this edition many submissions were received. Many more than included in this carnival. To keep this series a quality Law of Attraction carnival, submissions that are on topic are given preference over other submissions. If an article supports the ideas and philosophies of Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, Manifesting, etc. they might be included as long as the content supports these ideas.

Featured Articles

Hemal Radia presents Using 'the secret' that is the Law of Attraction IN YOUR LIFE posted at Manifesting & Law of Attraction, saying, "This is an article that was initially created especially for the Law of Attraction Carnival.
It is for those new to Law of Attraction and includes:

And much more"

Frederic Premji presents Law of Attraction Explained posted at

Piotr Stepien presents The Law of Attraction posted at we overstep.

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Other Law of Attraction articles

Gary Evans presents A Secret Meditation for Law of Attraction Followers | Good To Feel Good posted at Good To Feel Good.

Jeanette Maw presents The Problem With Excuses posted at Good Vibe Blog, saying "The problem with excuses, I have recently gotten really clear about, is that the Universe hears them as instructions."

Scott Lee presents First Experiences on the Law of Attraction posted at Scott Free Thinking.

Suzie Cheel presents I Used Deliberate Attraction To Get Well! posted at The Abundance Highway, saying, "This is a simple process that anyone open to changing their thoughts and words can use. Suzie's story reminds us that the words we use are so important in what we attract to ourselves."

Paul Davison presents The Law of Allowing: A Monkey?s Eye View posted at, saying, "Although the Law of Allowing generally seems to relate more to allowing others “to be,” I believe another manifestation of it is the art of allowing life to present itself to you exactly as it is: a present."

Azhagiya Tamilmagan presents Mind And Thought Power posted at Your Guidance.

Evelyn presents Cinderella And The Story About Attracting Abundance posted at Attraction Mind Map.

Debra Moorhead presents Are You Truly Focusing on Your Desires? posted at Debra

Other articles worth reading:

HL Grove presents Making Your Dreams Come True posted at Hennie Grove.

Taylor Coburn presents Getting Things Done posted at Internet Business at ProcessToProfits, saying, "How to end procrastination, that nasty habit that keeps freedom and dreams at bay."

Joan Newcomb presents Adventures In Density And Effort: Soul Mates posted at Adventures In Density And Effort, saying, "I attracted my husband in 6 weeks using specific LOA principles. Of course it took ten years to get to those 6 weeks..."

Raymond presents People Will Do You Favors When You Are Friendly and Nice posted at Money Blue Book.

ITAKEOFFTHEMASK presents Mastering Life Transitions is the Key to Happiness and Success posted at, saying, "Make that much desired JOB TRANSITION Create an ABUNDANCE TRANSITION Achieve RELATIONSHIP TRANSITIONS Be HEALED and TRANSCEND Physical and Spiritual Barriers!

This article just might CHANGE YOUR LIFE!"

Chad Hershey presents 20 Primary Universal Laws - Part 1 of 2 and 20 Primary Universal Laws - Part 2 of 2 posted at Passive Income Blog.

Roger presents Self-Esteeming - Creating Self-Esteem posted at The Happy and Prosperous Blog, saying, "We would all like to have high self-esteem, right ? This post explores what self-esteem means and suggests ways we can all go about raising our self-esteem to give us a better experience of life."

Carter presents Why Do You Complain? posted at SuperSonicSuccess, saying, "Why Do You Complain?"

Anmol Mehta presents Mind Power to Manifest Intentions & Desires Instantly posted at Mastery of Meditation, Enlightenment & Kundalini Yoga, saying, "How one's state of mind can affect one's body, emotions and life dramatically. Understanding the Law of Attraction from the Eastern perspective."

That concludes this edition.

Be sure to check our listing on Blog Carnival for information about the next edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival hosted by Ellie Walsh at Living The Law Of Attraction. Please check the submission guidelines before submitting your article at Blog Carnival.

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Anmol said...

Great collection and thanks for including my article. Have given it a Stumble as well...


Suzie Cheel said...

Thank you for including my post, looks like lots of interesting reading on various aspects of LOA

Dean Lacono said...

Hello Anmol,

Thank you for contributing and the Stumble. Hope you have more to offer in the future.

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Suzie,

Thank you also for contributing.

I'm reading more of your blog "Abundance Highway" now that I've got the carnival behind me.

Looking forward to reading more.

Azhagiya Tamilmagan said...

Thanks alot for my article and the other resources are really good. Thanks.

Dean Lacono said...


Glad to share your thoughts with others.

JZ said...

Hi Dean, love the site. If you ever want any of your articles posted on my site let me know. I basically discuss the LOA as pertains to relationships and finding yourself.

Douglas Manning said...

Hi Dean:

I ran across this post while researching content for my site,

I can say that you have a lot of great information here.

Great post.