Saturday, April 19, 2008

"Sign Sign Everywhere a Sign"

Post title inspired by the song title of the same name by The 5 Man Electrical Band.

Sometimes I just got to laugh at myself. Not because I'm funny, well, sometimes I think I'm hilarous. I got to laugh at myself because I can see and hear myself digging a deeper and deeper hole I put myself in. At times I allow the resistances to block my energy, the tightness in the chest, shallow breaths and then a slight touch of overwhem and the thought "it's got to be easier. It's suppose to be easy." Every once in awhile I even think "What have I done, I can't get this all done."


Then I catch myself. Not scold, chastise, belittle nor yell at myself, but simply catch myself. Take a deep breath...or two...maybe three. Ah, that feels better. Look at where I'm at, appreciate where I'm at. Be thankful for the lessons and training.

Recently I got an email from Notes from the Universe:

Impatience is a sign of hurrying; hurrying is a sign of worrying; worrying is a sign of fear; and fear is a sign, Dean, that someone has temporarily forgotten that it's never too late to change their thoughts and therefore their "things." And for these reasons, time will forever be on their side.

Glad we could straighten that out -
The Universe

Ah, it's great to see the universe talk so directly to me. It's fun living a life of magic and wonder.

Spring is once again in the air. Little things are bringing such a great joy to my day, like birds chirpping, the warm sun on my face (yes, I recently got sunburned), a cool breeze, that extra nugget of chicken bites, a friend buying lunch, that phone call from a friend I was thinking about 2 days ago. Heck, even the email from a real estate agent letting me know of a price reduction on a piece of property he's selling is great me.

So what's all this got to do with signs. Simple really, the universe is talking to us, giving us nudges, hints, clues and we...we have our feelings. These are all signs of what's going on.

Serendipity and Synchronisity

I'm forming a Mastermind Group here in San Diego. I'm posting on several local online sites. One person wrote a reply post "It was pure happenstance that I came across your post". The bell rang in my head, for me as much as for this writer, when one is in vibrational alingment, seemingly unrelated events happen to make sense or your eye catches some phrase or book title, find an online ad, etc. that provides the answer to your questions or fulfills a desire.

It's taken me over a year to finally put into motion that effort to put this together. Now, it's comming together nicely.


I came out of a job interview on Friday. Feeling pretty good about how I did. Back on the phone, first call I get was from someone wanting an upgrade in service, so I got a sale. I went to lunch, came back and checked my email, I had another sale and commission on the way. Then I won an sales incentive drawing of a $50.00 prepaid gas card. Signs that good things are comming to me. I expressed my gratitude for these good things and how quickly they are comming to me.

Being in the flow

Abraham calls it moving downstrean. This is when we are just going along in the river of life events that happen, it's how we go with these events that tell us if we are going upsteam (resistance) or downsteam (in the flow).

At times it seems easier said than done. To some, it is easy. Why does it seem easier said than done. Well for me, I still slip and fall back into the old patterns. Why is it still so easy to fall? I'm still learning. Marci Shimoff said in the movie The Secret:

The only difference between people who are really living this way and people who aren't living in the magic of life. Is that the people who are living in the magic of life have habituated ways of being. They have habituated this process and magic happens with them where ever they go, because they remember and do it all the time, not as a one time event.

I'm sure everone's heard "Practice makes perfect. "Practice being happy, practice appreciation, practice gratitude, and you'll get good. My daughter is in middle school choir and her coach taught them "practice makes permanent". By practicing being happy, having high vibrations, thinking good thoughts, it will become a permanent lifestyle. I'm better today than two years ago because I practice being happy, appreciation and gratitude.

Although I've been practicing meditation more this past year, I've really stepped it up this year, and even more in March. About January, I got the demo CD from Centerpoint using their Holosync technology. That helped me with my meditations. Now I have the introductory program Awakening Prologue. I've been listening to this program for over a week now. I'm seeing some noticable changes in my meditation and in turn, how life events move about me.

Recently I've been comming across more blog posts by Craig Harper and Aaron Potts about physical fitness and how it's easy to be lazy and not do what needs to be done. Although I do walk in my lovely neighborhood, I want more. I remember when I didn't do any type of exercise and how after a week of a breif walking how I started feeling better. I want to feel better. I want to feel healthier. So, I'm picking up the pace and putting in more effort.

By watching what happens to us, being aware of our emotions, observing the behavior of people around us, being open to hearing something on the radio, overhearing a conversation (not eveasdropping), asking questions and being willing to have the universe or our subconscious provide an answer as a thought or through other means, we see the signs pointing us in the direction of our desires. Follow those signs.


mark said...

Well put!
The law of attraction is really a process of learning, experiencing and allowing ourselves to take part in the universal abundance.

Dean Lacono said...

Thank you mark.

Yes, it sure is, that's one reason I share my experiences to show how I'm expeiencing these processes.

luck.angela said...

about two uyears ago I started to experiance signs beyound beleif, I was unindated!!!! reduced to tears on several occasions. I would also experiance the same number sequence 1111 and 911. (your blog on signs was written at 11.19!) it has amazed me and the universe showed me step by step how to tap into the law of attraction, with complete faith being the end result of my learning. Life is so magical to me now, I can never perceive reality the same way again