Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Yeah!!! I've cleaned up the malware on my PC.

I'm so grateful that I've finally been able to clean off the spyware and other malware from my PC. It's taken me about a week to finally get to the point where I can use my computer with some sense of reliability and get to the sites I'm actually trying to get to via favorites or with a search engine.


Lexi of Creative Energies said...

Good for you! I had a nasty trojan and other stuff hit mine last year in spite of my precautions. It did not clean up well and after an operating system reinstall it became obvious I also had massive hardware problems.

By then I was fed up with all the new anti-everything software I had added so I bought a mac. Still have my pc laptop, and macs are not immune to security issues but have less of them. So far so good.

Nothing like human glunge to mess things up, huh? Good luck!


Dean Lacono said...

Hi Lexi,

I was working so hard to clear these buggers out. I just wanted everything to work out fine...and it did. Well, I just got to put back a couple of damaged .dll files. That's easy.

I've been thinking about going back to a Mac. Great machines. The only reason I left the Mac platform years ago was due to the amount of games available on the pc. Now that I'm not gaming as much, I've thought about a Mac again.