Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"Work More On Yourself Than Your Business"

Once I heard statement from a person I respect alot, Christopher Hughes, he said "Work on yourself more than your business." I don't know if this is an original quote from him or not, but it struck a cord with me.

These words are stuck in my head and make a lot of sense. I think they are worth repeating "Work on yourself more than your business."

He said this as a statement of the value of personal development. These seem like good words comming from someone who about 8 years ago was working as a waiter in a Chili's resturant and living in a very poor neighborhood somewhere (don't remember what city) in Texas. Now, he makes over $100,000.00 a year in his network marketing business. He did lots of personal development, reading books, talkiing with people who know more than him, he attneded meetings and seminars, etc.

I'm not here to promote network marketing. But the idea is valuable in all businesses, careers or even in personal life. "Work on yourself more than your business."

What I'm getting at is, it is time for me to focus more on myself. I've been feeling a bit out of alignment, frazzled and unfocused. I've experienced feeling tired and when not tired, just low energy. Time for me to work more on myself, than on my business. This doesn't mean neglecting, just reallocating time while focusing on more personal development.

I recently got Centerpont's Holosync (aff) program, the Learning Stratgies Euphoria program, and I've joined Aaron Potts of Today is that Day in the Million Dollar Body Challenge. If you join up for the Million Dollar Body Challenge, look me up, my username is duelingdean.

In the past couple of weeks, that I've been using the Awakening Prologue (aff) from Centerpoint, I've felt more calm. Although I meditated previously, the full program seems to have taken it up a notch. That started in only the first week. I've dedicated myself to listening at least once a day. As I'm meditating, I can feel my body shift from one level to a different level as the tones shift frequencies. That's cool.

It's meant to be a long term program and in this brief time, I've enjoyed the benefits of deeper meditations and greater sense of calm. I still have wandering thoughts while meditating, that's ok. I understand that is still going to happen. Something I've noticed is that I'm catching these wandering thoughts and "just letting go" much easier. I think it's the sound of rain and ringing bells and resonanting bowls that provides a stimulus for me to focus on, as well as my breathing.

Also my sleeping seems to be better. I'm not sure if that's just the Holosynic program or if it's because of my increased exercising, which I'll talk about in a moment, or both.

The paraliminal program Euphoria is different and a bit harder for me to stay with, at this time.

I'll keep working with these programs and give more formal reviews once I have more time working with them.

As far as my exercise routine, until recently, has mostly been walking. I've taken a keener interest in my physical appearance for a couple of reasons.

1) I want to feel better, have better health and look good. 270 pounds is a bit more than I weighed in high school or even in my mid-twenties...early thirties or...well, you get the idea.
2) I want more energy, vitality and activity in my life.
3) I want to respect my body as the vehicle of my spirit.
4) I believe that in the process of conditioning my body, I'm also conditioning my mind and spirit. By blending a harmonious relationship with these aspects of myself all I got to say is "LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE I COME."
5) Heck, if I could win money in this Million Dollar Body Challenge why not get started.

Some things I've experienced already from this steped-up commitment to personal development:


* I'm looking forward to working out. I guess it's a common belief that people don't want to drag themselves out the door to a gym, much less off the couch for some sit-ups or push-ups because "it's too much work" or "it makes me tired" or "I don't want to hurt myself." Me, I'm looking forward to my work out time. Here's why:
* I'm feeling excited when I am working out. I feel the blood coursing through my body, I'm more aware of my body with this increased movement. I feel excited that I'm working out and the sweat is a good sign that I'm progressing.
* When walking on the treadmill I spend time visulazing my dreams and goals. Because the blood is pumping and my body is feeling good, my mental picture of me is better because I'm taking action toward my goals. During this time it's more exciting for me when I'm visualizing, and that excitment is the emotion that builds the manifestation.
* At times, I think of it as a walking meditation.


Because I'm more excited about making the change to my physical appearance, I'm more aware of what I'm eating I'm making conscious decisions about what I want to eat: less fats and carbohydrates, more whole, real foods like veggies and fruit. I was eating good foods with some bad foods, now my attention is more on good foods.

My body still wants the comfort foods of chips and salsa, nachos, butter and toast, chocolate, Coco-Cola, etc. But it's my attitude toward myself, what I want to look like, that the desire for those foods has changed. I know that they taste good and that's ok. I think more about using them as special treats once a week, if even that often. My chocolate is my super special treat, one square of Ghiradelli's Dark Chocolates a day not 3, 4 or 5. (And dark chocolate is a good antioxident.) Cocoa-Cola, one bottle a week, I still like that sharp carbonated bite on my tongue.

I already feeling cleaner. I'm eating healthier. With more fruit in my diet, I feel less weighed down. I graze throughout the day, not eating until I'm full, but satisfied. I think about how good I feel when I've finished an appropriate amount of food without stuffing myself like a turkey.

With increased time devoted to exercise, food preparation, meditation with Awakening Prologue program, I find less time for other activities. Less time to watch TV, except for Battlestar Galactica and The Tudors, less time writing, oh well. But Chris Hughes' words still ring in my head "Work on yourself more than your business."


Aaron said...


Very glad indeed to have you on the Million Dollar Body Challenge with us, and good for you for writing this post about the mental side of the whole process.

As James Ray is fond of saying, it's not what we do, it is HOW we do it that matters. I happen to live by that philosophy.

Can't wait to see your success story unfolding before our very eyes, Dean! :)

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for visiting.

Well, I'm happy about working out. I see myself, not as I am now, but as I am in my mind and THAT is the exciting part.

While I'm working out, I'm thinking about what good is happening to my body while I'm exercising. That in turn gets me excited and then I think more about what I'm looking like in a few months. I'm thinking about what size of pants I'll fit into for the summer. Then what I'll be wearing next Christmas. I even think about visiting my out of town friends and when they see me exclaim "Who are you and what have to done to our friend Dean." hehehe

Thanks again for being a great coach. You have lots of great information in your products and on your site.