Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Archived Hidden Wisdom

Every once in awhile I go through the archives of some of the Blogs that I read and a post title will catch my eye. I seem to find the most wisdom in these older posts than in the current ones. Yes, the current posts are good, timely and well written, but they don't necessarily trigger something for me, at that time.

To me, opening an archive post is like some people opening up a book of knowledge or wisdom and reading the first page that the book reveals. It's a bit of a magickal process that works. That page, or post in my case, seems to be a message from the universe.

One post just caught my eye from Ed Mills at Evolving Times entitled The Size of Your Segment Does Matter. BTW, yes it is a clean article. :)

In brief, because Ed does such a good job explaining this, is that we break our day down into smaller chucks of intention segments. For example, upon wakening spend a moment seeing the overall vision and feeling for your entire day, then focus an intention for the morning preparation before leaving. See the kids getting ready quickly and easily, breakfast on the table, lunches packed and everyone out the door with everything they need.

Once in the car, intend the next smaller segment the travel to work. See and feel the smooth traffic flow, the music you are listening too, being to work on time.

Before going in, take a moment to plan your next segment, getting into work, booting up the PC, making pleasant good mornings to everyone. Before your meetings visualize the customer's your will talk with being pleasant, the sales presentations going very well and the buyers signing the contracts.

As you are about to leave for the drive home, once again intend this smaller segment of how well the traffic will flow, the kindness of the drivers around you, the short line at the supermarket picking up those last minute items(s) before going home. And once home, before leaving the car, intend a wonderful and refreshing home and family time for dinner and the rest of the night.

Thank you Ed for posting this back in February and Thank you Universe for leading me to this gem of wisdom.

My next segment is my morning hygiene ritual...showering. I do a lot of intentional creating in the shower. It's a bit of a cleansing process for the mind. Although a bath is more appropriate. I now consider showers the shorter segment of a bath.

(Hmmm, I think I have a new article in the works now.)


edwardmills said...

Hi Dean

Thanks for "finding" this one hidden in the archives. I too often find some great gems hidden in the archives of my favorite blogs. I think that most of my writing is "timeless" in that the insights and observations apply as much now as they did when I first wrote them. And I do love it when someone stumbles upon an old entry and revives the conversation.

Thanks again.


Dean Lacono said...

Thank you Ed for taking the time to respond.


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