Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Answering the Question: What is Inspired Action?

There seems to be some confusion about the concept of creating or manifesting using principles of the Law of Attraction around the idea of taking action.

Some people, seem to believe that they are entitled to have: new cars, good homes, money given to them, basically something for nothing. Because of these beliefs of entitlement, when they hear teachers of the Law of Attraction tell them "think of it, feel it, visualize it and it will manifest in your lives," they think "Hey, I'm on easy street." Naturally, that will lead to disappointment and fosters the idea "this LoA stuff doesn't work."

Yes, instant manifestation can happen, and it often does.

In watching the movie The Secret we are taught that we need to take action. But what kind of action? Is this the kind of action that involves doing things unethically, maliciously, hurtfully? Hopefully not, that is contradictory of all the personal development we are studying and attracts "the like" into your life. Does this mean we go to work for a boss we don't like, engage in business or work we don't like just to make a buck or worse earn money for the sake of money. No, that takes away the joy and lowers our vibes. These actions set-up blocks and resistance to our manifestations and creations because of conflicts with our joy and happiness.

Then what kind of action do we engage in? Well, we follow our intuition, our "gut feeling", our hunches. We do what feels good and makes us happy. This is the "inspired action" talked about in The Secret. Inspired action is the type of action, that really moves one to do something.

Many people are not accustomed to listening to their inner voice or intuition or hunches. I've had numerous "gut feelings" and hunches, but doubting them or thinking logically about them and later, obviously in hindsight, see the course of action I THOUGHT about produced aless than desired outcome.

Can one sit at home and manifest what they want?

Good question. Sure you can. Here's the trick. Have full faith that whatever it is you want; without doubt, hesitation, or fear; WILL happen. For you couch potatoes, if you are sitting at home, never go out, think about how this will work. (I know, don't think about HOW the universe will provide, yadda, yadda, yadda.) Sitting in your La-Z-Boy, your desire is so strong, your visualisation is so clear, vibration so high, and with unshakable faith, that the universe is so enraptured with your desire that it has inspired others to: walk to your door or call your phone number or mail you what you want. It is great knowing that the hottest and sexiest person you could imagine knocks on your door and falls madly in love with you, just because you are sitting at home. Do you really believe that will happen?

Remember how magnets attract each other when they get close enough to each other. Well, this is where the inspired action comes in. To speed up the attraction process you need to be out and about where the universe has more opportunities to have your ideal partner "cross paths." The universe will send you feelings, thoughts, inklings, etc. to do something or be somewhere. Inspired action. Maybe you are inspired to go to the bookstore and get a coffee, go for a walk along the beach, go back to school, try a different restaurant or even attend a Law of Attraction workshop. :) All of these, and others, are possible places where you can meet your ideal partner.

Although the example above demonstrates a personal relationship, consider this can also be to meet a business partner, new client, some stranger who gives you a nugget of wisdom or even a new friend. You might find a new restaurant, a device or component for a project you are working on or come across an entry form for a contest to win a trip to your desired vacation spot and you have to enter to win.

In summary, get up, get out and be open to opportunities that present themselves to help you manifest your desires faster.

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