Monday, July 16, 2007

A List of Games to Play with Law of Attraction

I'm using the word 'game' for a couple of reasons 1) games are fun and can be exciting. Since the Law of Attraction is responding to your vibrations, and higher positive vibrations produce what we want faster, let's have fun by playing a game. :) 2) games are fun and can be exciting. 3) The Law of Attraction doesn't really know when you are really experiencing something or playing a game to raise your vibrations, so playing a game is a way to fool the Law of Attraction. LoA just sees and responds to your vibrations.

These game ideas have come from many sources. Many of which I don't recall the exact source where I orignally got it. I can say I got them from books that are in my "Suggested Reading" list, some ideas I got from friends and "Blogs I Enjoy Visiting" and others from my "Recommended eBooks and Programs" all these lists are in the right column. I'll be adding more to this list as a personal project.

Writing Games

Some people really like to write, such as bloggers. :) Some occasionally like to write, such as bloggers. :) Some do not even know what a writing instrument is. For those of you who like to write here are some games I've come across and use myself.

Appreciation/Gratitude Journal
I spend about 10 minutes a day writing about all the good things that happened during the day. I write about all the people, places and things that I'm grateful for in my life. I get really excited sometimes and that energy is "imprinted" into the words and paper that I'm writing on.

Write a play or story of how you would like to live your life. Or, how you would like a particular event to happen, such as a job interview, a sales presentation, asking for a raise.

It is said that a story is never written, it is rewritten several times. By writing and rewriting with more clarity and detail, you are creating your desires stronger and clearer with each rewrite.

Write a Business Plan
Other than making good business sense for starting a business, you are also clarifying your desire for the business you are manifesting. Whatever business you are creating, your business plan details what you are doing, who your customers are, describe your employees (if appropriate), what is your product, how is it made, who are your suppliers. Whatever business you are putting together, this can be a fun way to manifest your desire.

Write a list of Constrasts of your Desire
Sometimes we don't know what we WANT, but we do know what we DON'T want. By writing about what we don't want, we then can indentify the opposite, what we DO want. Some might say, "but that is giving attention to what we don't want and the Law of Attraction will respond to that." The Law of Attraction does respond to what we vibrate and the more we focus, dwell, give attention to, etc. then that becomes an issue. By giving breif attention to what we don't want, we then can identify what we do want and have something that we can really get excited about and focus our attention on what we do want.

Action Games

Go Be, Do, or Have
Go visit places, luxury homes, car dealers, clothing stores. Because I'm playing this game, I'm really FEELING more of what it is like to have the car, the clothes and live in the luxury home. I can feel my excitment and thrill as I experience these during the game. WOW is all I can say. Try this one game more then another game and you'll know what I'm talking about.

Lottery Scratch off tickets
When I buy the California scratch-off tickets (only when inspiration nudges me too) and I do get a winning ticket, I keep the ticket. Why? Simple, winning is a great feeling and when I win, I have that excitement. If I redeem the ticket, that's it, the feeling is over. By keeping the winning ticket in my pocket, wallet, on my mirror, etc. each time I view the winning ticket I can relive the excitment of winning again. I also say "I am a lottery winner." An affirmative statement that is absolutely true and exciting again each time I say it. My high vibrations are relived again and again.

Sing a Song
Eventhough I was named after the crooner Dean Martin, my singing voice is something that needs work. However, I enjoy the action of singing to my songs that make my heart sing. Even when I'm feeling a bit on the low vibration side, I will sing a line or two of a song that has positive lyrics such as: "Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day" or "It's getting better all the time..." Just little reminders of how I want to be and feel.

Play with kids
Kids are just so full of joy and happiness that when they are at play I get such a boost of energy and vibrations get lifted I just feel good and free.

Speaking Games

"Hey guess what..."
Work with a friend, partner, co-worker who you can talk with each time something good happens. However big or small, however exciting or thrilling, talk to each other about how good this is, how exciting this is, talk it up, be excited. Be as happy for your work-out partner when they share with you as you would be if this was happening for you. (Remember we are all one anyway, so this is happening for you.)

Give your acceptance speech
One of the best ways to attract anything is to live as though it already is happening or has happened. By giving your acceptance speech, you are living in the moment that your accomplishment is real.

Remember a major key to manifestation is to be happy and joyful so do these games as long as you are happy and having fun.

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