Thursday, August 16, 2007

Law of Attraction at work again.

Well, well, well, look at what I attracted into my life.

Within the past week, I was thinking I'd like to see more videos of speakers talking about personal development, spirituality, Law of Attraction, etc. Today, while visiting Priscilla Palmer's blog her post for today directed readers to Steven Aitchison's site. Steven compliled a list of 22 video presentations that are available on the internet for free.

I've got to thank the universe for introducing me to the list of links I followed to get me to this site. Thank you Steven for putting this list together and introducing me to

I hope you all enjoy these videos as much as I anticipate I will enjoy them.


Priscilla Palmer said...

The law of attraction is such a awesome and wonderful thing. It is so much fun when you see it start working in your life.

I'm happy that I was able to add a small piece to your manifestation. I wish you all the best.

Good Vibe Coach said...

Great resources, Dean! Thanks for sharing!

Fun blog you've got going here, too. Keep up the great posts! You're onto something good, sharing your experiences in deliberate creation. I'll definitely be directing clients to read your stories, as it's always helpful to learn from others!

Good Vibe Coach

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Priscilla,

Yup! It is so much fun and such a natural high watching things come into manifestation.

Thank you for visiting and commenting.

Hi Jeannette,

Thank you for visiting and your encouraging comments. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit.

Thank you in advance for sharing me with your clients.

Hope to see you again.

Super Protege said...

Hi Dean,
You have a great resource site for law of attraction..

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