Saturday, August 18, 2007

"I've Lost That Funky Feeling"

I recently wrote that I have been doing some energy work and was feeling a bit on the ill side. Being ill is a physical manifestation of some negative energy that is being carried around or that we hold within our emotional or mental bodies. If we hold on to this negative energy long enough and the illness manifests into a disease. At the risk of stealing someone else's idea, hyphenate the word disease, dis-ease, and you have no life of ease. Notice how you feel uncomfortable when ill? How good you feel when healthy?

Anyway, on with my story.

I've been using Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) to clear out blockages and negative energy. (No, I'm not going to discuss why I've been doing both here.) I've been routinely listening to audio programs and reading. By that I mean more an action of habit without really getting into the audio or the reading. Yes, I intended to read/listen with the intent to get out of the funk, but I kept holding on to the funk. I felt alright, just funky.

Interesting, it didn't crack until Friday when I went for one of my morning walks. This walk was good. It was a walk focusing on eliminating this funk, to become clear and high vibing again. It was a walk with a purpose.

The walk itself was pleasant. I live in an area of San Diego called Scripps Ranch. "County Living" is the motto on some signs about the area. There is a lake, maybe a pond depending on the legal descriptions of a lake and a pond, about 400 hundred feet from home. Some homes are overlooking this lake. An abundance of eucalyptus trees surround the lake and there are some fish, frogs, birds, etc. in the micro-habitat. Overall, I quiet and pleasant environment.

While almost home, I saw in the distance a woman with a good sized dog. I think it was some type of retriever. Well, this dog seemed to be bigger than her. If the dog was standing on it's hind legs, it certainly would have towered over her. She stood about 5'2". It appeared to have more weight and mass than her, I'm guessing she weighed about 120 pounds and the dog about 180. (I'm comparing the size and weight of this dog to the St. Bernard I had many years ago.)

Now, I'm feeling a bit more positive and upbeat after this walk. Good for me. Seeing her 'working' at holding her dog back, I thought I'd make a cute little remark "Who's taking who for a walk." Nothing unusual about this. It's the same remark many people made to me while I was walking George, my Saint. It's also the same remark I've made to others who were walking big dogs and always got a cute reply back like "I'm supposed to be the one walking the dog" or "he's taking me out for the walk today" or something generally considered a pleasant exchange between neighbors walking past each other.

Boy, was I in for a shock when she said with a scowl "I'm taking the dog for a walk thank you!" I was taken aback by such a comment that she definitely took the wrong way. I turned after her to apologize for being misunderstood and her reply was "I don't need any more of your rude comments, just let me walk without being bothered by you."

WOW! My first thought was she must know my ex-wife. Then I got introspective and went over the conversation trying to figure out what I did wrong. A few feet later, one guy in a painting crew getting ready to start work, looked at me and we nodded heads and he said "How you doing?" I responded "Great, thanks." I thought, 'until I met her' but decided that I needed to drop the negative feelings that welled up inside for such an odd exchange of what should have been a pleasant passing of neighbors.

Walking the last 100 feet home, still feeling hurt for an attempt to be pleasant turning sour. I started to examine "What am I doing, feeling, thinking, that is putting off this energy that attracted this type of person to twist a quick exchange into an offensive and rude comment?" I thought, I've been dragging this negative energy around, "I've really got to drop this now." Then my thoughts shifted to her.

Being a sensitive person, I tried to understand her. I wanted to know how she might be hurting that tainted her vision of our exchange. After a moment, I realized that it didn't matter. I'm here and I've got to move on. I said I was sorry that she is in pain and went home, fed the birds, took a shower and went back out into the world. This time leaving home, I felt clearer, happier and higher vibed than I have in a couple of weeks.

In retrospect, it's interesting that I had been working on clearing out this funky feeling for sometime. It wasn't until this 'slap in the face' from a total stranger that I realized "I've really got to drop this now" really meant that 'I've got to drop this now.'

On a side note. I came across this from Tony Robbins, that if you want the answer to something, learn to ask the right questions. Now, at some point in the previous day or two, I remember sitting in the throne room wondering "how can I clear out this funky feeling? What do I need to do or say to get rid of this negative energy I'm carrying around?" Was I inspired to take this walk at that particular time to meet her for this experience, just because I asked these questions.

Funny, I don't always write my every thought, every word I say, everything I observe in my life, but it does always find a way to manifest. Let's try this "Do you see over there? That is my orchard of lemon, peach, pear, orange and apple trees. Over there is my herb and vegetable garden." Cool huh!


Vickie said...

Oh, I so hear you about those funky feelings that seem to hang around.

It's sort of empowering to realize that "I did that" when you come in contact with some contrasting interactions. Knowing that you aren't the victim in it all really can help you deal with is all more effectively. It really is all about the vibration you are putting out. Unfortunately most people don't realize what their set point is and can't turn things around for themselves.

Congrats on seeing realizing that the interaction was based on how you had been feeling and dealing with that aberrant vibration :)

May you have more interactions that show you the way to where you want to be!

Michael said...

My Friend you've been concentrating on the "funk" . Forget the funk and start concentrating on the way you want to feel. If you really need to goto the doctor , then do that and let that healing work for you . That way you allow the doctor to work on the "funk" and you can concentrate on and "ACCEPT" the healing.

All the Best

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Vickie and Michael,

Thanks for visiting.

I'm really glad that I had this interaction with this woman. It really snapped me back into the right feelings that I appreciate now, more than ever.

I'm back in the groove and was given a gift card for Chili's restaurant two days after this post. "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs."