Thursday, May 1, 2008

Welcome to Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #33

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Welcome to Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #33 the topic of this edition is health. The Law of Attraction is all about vibrations. Write a post about health and the law of attraction. How nutrition and exercise can affect our vibrations for health and healing. Also can be about how to use the Law of Attraction to heal yourself. Personal stories are excellent examples.

April sure impacted my life a bit differently than I expected. Some vibrational escrow caught up and exposed me to new opportunities that I took advantage of. Primarily, I received an invitation from Aaron Potts at Today is that Day to join in the Million Dollar Body Challenge. Since then I've been very focused on my health and fitness. I'm still learning and have that "look what I discovered" enthusiasm. With this new found energy devoted to health and fitness I chose the topic Health for this edition.

As always, this edition recieved many submissions. Many more than included in this carnival. To keep this series a quality Law of Attraction carnival, submissions that are on topic are given preference over other submissions. If an article supports the ideas and philosophies of Law of Attraction, Deliberate Creation, Manifesting, etc. they might be included as long as the content supports these ideas.

Featured Articles

Jeannette Maw presents Weight Loss & LOA » Good Vibe Blog posted at Good Vibe Blog. Jeanette shares the direct correlation of our thoughts to weight loss and how our attitude influences our success or failure with diets and fitness.

Jennifer Mannion presents Thoughts Affect Your Body posted at Heal Pain Naturally. In this article Jennifer breifly shares her story about how she changed her thoughts to heal her body and references other sources for additional information.

Alex Baranosky presents Health and the Law of Attraction posted at Easy Law of Attraction. Alex provides some good first steps to take in changing our beliefs about our wellness.

Other articles worth reading:

Karen Lynch presents Healing Energy (Live The Power) posted at LivethePower.

Gary Evans presents Trusting Your Inner Guidance posted at Good To Feel Good.

Tim Gary presents Have You Been “six-packed” by Your Thinking? posted at Internet Success Bites.

Frederic Premji presents 7 Questions To Finding Your True Passion posted at, saying, "Insightful article about how to figure out what you are passionate about"

Marc Basile presents The Law of Attaction and Finding Love posted at The Incurable Romantic, saying, "From the site: "For the most part, you could call me a believer in the Law of Attraction, and that you can use it to help in finding love." Surprisingly practical advice to help finding love, whether or not you believe in the Law of Attraction or not."

Ezra presents Advanced Law of Attraction Manifesting Results in Your Life FASTER - Ezra's Writings - ||- -|| Self-help on money, weight loss, wealth, spirituality, health and more. posted at Ezra's Writings.

Arin Vahanian presents How to Get Rid of Excuses NOW and Start Living the Kind of Life You’ve Always Wanted posted at Super State.

Sam Zoranovich presents Unapologetic Genius - Modeling Reality posted at Unapologetic Genius, saying, "An article on how we construct models of reality, and how doing so consciously leads to spiritual and personal development."

JMSherer presents Personal Magnetism the Art of Attractive Presence posted at Living Infinitely.

That concludes this edition.

Be sure to check our listing on Blog Carnival for information about the next edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival hosted by Ellie Walsh at Living The Law Of Attraction. The topic is "What's in your LOA Toolbox?" What practices, methods, tools do you use to keep you on track with the Law of Attraction? Do you meditate? visualize? use a vision board? write out your perfect day? Share the methods you use that helps you to utilize the Law of Attraction in your daily life.

Please check the submission guidelines before submitting your article at Blog Carnival.

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Good Vibe Coach said...

Ah, Dean, focusing on health and fitness, with Aaron no less?! I feel like I'm missing out!!

Thanks for a great edition, and for including one of my pieces. You're doing great work here!

Keep us posted on your million dollar body challenge!

Jenny Mannion said...

Hi Dean, Thanks for featuring my post. This is a wonderful collection! Gratefully, Jenny

Marc said...

Congrats on working with Aaron! Some powerful mojo you've attracted there! And thanks for including my humble submission in this wonderful collection :-)

Cheers, Marc

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Marc, Jenny and Jeanette,

It is my pleasure to include your articles.

So far this exercising thing is much more enjoyable than many people say. Like anything, it's all how you approach the task, project or event. I'm just really jazzed about exercising. I'm down about half a pound each daily weighing.