Friday, May 16, 2008

WOW! That Was An Interesting Experience

As I was working out on Saturday May 3, my stomach started to spasm and hurt. I spent the night wondering if I've been over exerting myself when working out and came to the conclusion I wasn't. But still couldn't figure out why I was hurting.

Finally went to Urgent Care in the morning and they couldn't figure anything out. So they sent me to the Emergency Room. It turns out, I developed a 6-7mm kidney stone and it was stuck in my ureters tube between my kidney and my bladder.

By the time I'm released, the pain is gone and I'm sent home with a prescription for a pain killer. With no pain for the next week, I never filled out the prescription, until Saturday May 10 when the stomach pains returned. The prescription was for darvocet, 1 every 8 hours as needed. HA! It only works for 2 hours. Back to the ER at 10:15pm.

Well, between the pain of the stone and the wooziness of the drug and other health issues that developed, I haven't done nor eaten much.

Fortunately, I've got the stone out of the painful parts of my body. I may have missed it when I passed it, or I still haven't passed it. But the pain is gone.

Back to experiencing more good feelings life has to offer. (And catching up on what happened the past week.)


On the way to work, the pain came back and I headed home. Back in bed.

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