Monday, October 22, 2007

Greetings from San Diego


How nice it is to have another day off from work.

Now, please understand I'm not thrilled about the wildfire damages; displaced homeowners; evacuated people and animals, etc. going on here in the San Diego area. Far from it.

But I can appreciate the time away from work, they closed down the call center. I spent sometime helping work evacuate the building. I've help one of my roommates pack in preparation for possible evacuation.

Now, it's just time to do what ever else I can to proceed through this situation.

Just a breif description of what it's like here:

Image the smell of a campfire. It smells like this all the time now. EVERYWHERE!
The sun is a deep orange glowing ball surrounded by a brown haze.
In a way, it is fascinating, quite beautiful.
And those are the good thoughts I will keep in my mind and be thankful that I live safely a few miles away.

Here are some positive thoughts to get through challenging events.

When you see, hear, experience "disaster", think of the good that does come from this. Our communities are responding with aid in the form of money, food, water, time, etc. to feed and shelter those who need it. We as humans are good and I like to see this good happen more and I think about how we can all be better people and how we can help each other.

Blessed Be.

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