Monday, October 22, 2007

Back to Basics: Building Belief

This week I'm focusing on the basics of Law of Attraction for Beginners: Building Belief.

Here is some informtion for review:

See my Definition of Law of Attraction

See my definition of How Law of Attraction Works: Quantum Physics

Today's new post is meant to address the times when we doubt and get frustrated with things not manifesting. This happens when we are attached to the desire, we set-up ressitance and block ourselves from manifesting.

The million dollar home, the black Mercedes, the 200' yacht, traveling around the world for a year, etc. are all great things I can have. But sometimes I hear that little ego voice telling me, "Yeah right! How are you going to get that?" Then doubt creeps in and I once again see the lack in my life. Crash goes the belief system.

So, back to basics. Take little steps to build up the belief system.

The Parking Space Exercise:

How to get that parking spot close to the movie theater, the mall entrance, the stadium, etc. Parking spaces are easy because we are not so attached to the manifestation.

Since there is no attachment to making this happen, your life doesn't come to an end. So, you don't get the close parking spot, big whoop, you walk an extra 30'.

Before you leave one location: home, the office, a firend's house and you know where you are going; the mall, the grocery store, the movie theater, etc. sit for a moment or two and visualize your whole drive, each stop light, each turn and driving up to the parking spot you want. See the spot open for you as you approach. Feel yourself being excited that you get to park so close to entrance. Be appreciative of this close parking spot and thankful for the safe drive to the mall, the store, wherever. (I visualize the whole trip so that I can manifest the whole trip safely.)

I love doing this. The grocery store I frequent near my home has parking stalls right in front of the store. No crossing traffic, I mean right there at the front of the store. I visualize doing this almost all of the time. I say "almost" because sometimes after I pick-up my kids and heading home, I get more involved in talking with them than I do manifesting a parking spot. But even then, I do get a spot up front more times than not. I believe, because I'm use to finding a space up front most of the time anyway, I have a positive expectation that'll I get one each time I go shopping. When I don't get one, I just park and say "It's a nice walk to the store with my kids."

Remember the basics. Do the little steps that build up your confidence and expectations that you can do this.

What do you do to build your belief that Law of Attraction works for you?


Vickie said...

Hi Dean,

I love the parking spot "game" :) I have actually gotten it to so that I don't have to even seriously focus on the spot. My belief is that there will always be a close spot for me, and it's so!

The other thing that I seem to manifest when I am in a good place is hawks and bluebird, both of which I absolutely adore :)

Good Vibe Coach said...

Yay!! Focusing on the basics! Thanks, Dean - I'll be sharing these posts with my new clients, for sure.

Love the parking space exercise - keep up the great posts!