Monday, September 3, 2007

5 Cliches to live the Law of Attraciton

I like cliches, sayings, adages, quotes and little pearls of wisdom. So, I spent sometime thinking of a few cliches that apply to my life using the Law of Attraction.

Stop and smell the flowers

I'm big on sensory experiences. (For example see The Most Important Part of Law of Attraction.) I figure that finding joy in the simplest things is what can keep me happy much of the time. Little joys and pleasures throughout the day help releive tension and release negitive energy.

One day, years ago, I decided to take this cliche litteraly and stopped to smell some roses I saw in someone's garden. I found that the sweet rosy smell filling my nose brought me a sense of calm. From then on, when walking through the neighborhood, I alway stop to smell the flowers I see. I love jasmine and gardenia. What's your favorite flower scent(s)?

A barrel of laughs

I find that one of the best ways to cleanse myself of negitive energy and a bad mood is to find someway to laugh. Whether it's watching a sitcom on TV, poping in a DVD or tape, talking with a friend, laughter has always brought up my vibrations. Even when I got so into wallowing in misery, I had to find a way to trudge through the negitivity and take action to make laughter a priority.

Life is just a bowl of cherries

Like cherries life is sometimes sweet, sometimes tart. The pits represent the hard times we sometimes encounter when going through life, but that is just part of the sweetness of the cherry.

Remember everything that you encounter in life is something you attracted. It's part of the experience. Sometimes sweet, sometimes tart.

For me I'd much rather have all the happiness and joy in life, but sometimes what I think I what comes to me is different than the way I expected it to manifest. Oh well.

Whatever floats your boat

Follow your passions. Do what makes you happy. Whether it's volunteering in a community project, at your children's school or extra curricular activities. Find whatever it is that makes you happy.

If you want to know more about what you want to be happy about, meditate. Or, just sit quietly and ask your higher self "what makes me happy?" "What else can I do to make me happy?" Waiting quitely for an answer that may come as images or a feeling. You might find it by opening a magazine that may show you something that inspires you to new endeavors.

Count your blessings

This is another way to say be grateful or show appreciation. Remember, that by genuinely appreciating what we DO have we are given more good things.

Focus attention of the good things, keep your vibrations high. What IS good in your life?

I keep a gratitude journal and write in it the good things that happen to me. Whenever I need a little pick-me-up of good vibes, I can open my journal and read an entry about when good things came into my life. This way, I remember that I do manifest good things and once again feel grateful for those good things that appeared in my life.

Can you think of any others cliches?


Joe Crawford said...

You seem to have some easy going, fun loving examples. Mine, maybe not so much. I sometimes use these sayings to keep me focused.

One is "you spot it you got it" Its means to me that when I might find fault in another, I can only ackowlege its existance because I understand or relate to it. Which in turn means I possess the same short coming or at one time I did. This thought has given me a greater patience for the messy side of people.

I read a book some time ago called The Art Of Possibility. When something would go seemingly wrong in our lives the author challenged the reader to respond with " how fascinating!" Respond, basically without resistance, then watch the possibilities arise in the absense of a snap reaction.

Thanks Joe

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Anonymous said...

Life is not what happens to you its how you handle what happens to you.

Personal Growth said...

Nice writeup...!, i really like it, it has been very useful to me in my life.

Carmen Black said...

Here's a cliche that rings oh so true: "Like attracts like". You can pretty much take that one to the bank. The thought energy we put out definitely attracts what we get back, in my opinion. So I try to always expect the best of people, and to always anticipate a good outcome in all situations, and to remember that my fears will always find me. Call me crazy!

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Carmen,

Thank you for stopping by. Yup, that sure is a good one.

As far as calling you crazy, nah. Although I do like the alliteration.