Thursday, March 20, 2008

Law of Attraction Carnival #30 - Religion

The Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #30 is now posted at Living the Law of Attraction.

The next edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival will be hosted here at the Law of Attraction for Beginners. It's Spring, a time of new beginnings, and sowing of seeds for a future harvest. For the next edition, the topic is "Back to Basics."

When I played sports, some of the first practices we had as a team were the fundamentals, the basics of the sport, catching, throwing, hitting, etc.

Write an article or give a lesson in the Law of Attraction for a beginner. Someone who has never heard about the Law of Attraction or is so new to the concept that you are pretty much sharing the information with someone without a lot of knowledge or experience about manifesting our realities.

For the readers, these articles are good for both the beginner and the experienced students, because, it's good to have the basics down as a solid foundation.

Please check the submission guidelines.

You can submit your article at Blog Carnival.

Blog Carnival submission form - law of attraction

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