Sunday, November 11, 2007

Back to Basics: Gratitude

I'm big on gratitude. Anyone who has been reading Law of Attraction for Beginners for sometime know I'm big on gratitude.

I mean more than the obigatory "Thank you" that our parents taught us to say when we received something. (And what we teach our children to say.) I'm refering to the deep felt, totally WOW feeling we get when we recieve a great boon to our lives, a great experience, so much fun and joy that we ooze appreciation.

When I do something for someone and I get what sounds like a obigatory "thank you" I do not really sense there appreciation of what I've done. When I get many of these obiligatory "thank yous" without the genuine feeling behind it, I'm less inclind to do something again for this person. How about you?

When I do something for someone and I get what sounds and feels like they really appreciate what I've done, I get tickled and experience a good feeling and I'm encouraged to do for them again and again and again.

Now I'm not saying that the Universe sits back listening to how we express our gratitude, but it does respond to our vibrations and if our vibrations are genuinely strong, we resonate more of the emotion and attract a stronger response.

Additionally, I get HIGH from genuinely expressing genuine gratitude. This feeling, for me, seems to last a long time.

I think I'm blessed to live in San Diego. I can walk outside any day and I'm thrilled to be here. Even when it is cold, windy and raining, I genuinely love the weather. Why? Because it IS a wonderful expereince to be alive and enjoy this physical world.

I write, by hand, in a Gratitude Journal. This 10 or so minutes gives me time to relive that wonderful experiences that happened to be today. I get to feel gratitude once again. And since Gratitude is one of the highest vibrational enmotions, whoopie, I'm riding high on the emotional guidence scale again.

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