Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Ok to have Negative Thoughts


Yup, I said it right here, "It's Ok to have Negative Thoughts" I know that seems contrary to all personal development thought, let me explain.

I'm talking about negative thoughts, not negative thinking. For purposes of this post, negative thinking is an ongoing and persistent way of thinking. negative thoughts are those that sneak in when we want to grow, to move from where we are to where we want to be.

When starting out to change my life I got so wrapped up in "gotta think positive all the time." "Bad/negative thoughts are bad" "This is never going to work" "I'll never be successful" I let these negative thoughts become a pattern, a habit. This habit grew and became a permanent way of thinking and living.

By listening to tapes, again and again, reading books. Learning about affirmations, goal setting, changing who I hang out with, changes in my life, the occasional positive thoughts have become more of a habit. I still catch myself with negative thougts, but overall my thinking is positive.

The point I want to emphasize is the habit of negative thinking is where you are now. It's your habit. Now, it's time to work on developing a new habit of positive thinking. This starts with the new positive thoughts being the occasional thought. When you notice yourself thinking negative, start to be positive about that. "I've been a good negative thinker for years, now it's time to change to a more positive way of thinking and living."

By beating yourself up about the negative thoughts, you perpetuate the negative habit. Acknowledge that you do have this past pattern of behavior and that you do want to change.

Acknowledging you do want change and want to be more positive is a positive thought. Then go read a book, listen to a tape/CD, read a blog, say affirmations, something else positive. Reinforce this new habit with more positive activity.

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Flightdragon said...

Hi Dean I went through "gotta think positive all the time." "Bad/negative thoughts are bad" phase myself, along the way I realized that the recognition of the negative thoughts was helping to change the negative thought patterns and habits into positive ones.
Another way to help change the patterns is quit giving so much attention (and power) to the bad news on the news and start looking for finding and giving more "recognition to the good news stories that are happening in more abundance than the negative ones.

Enjoy In Joy and Love