Friday, July 4, 2008

Law of Attraction Blog Carnival #37 - Success Stories

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I chose this theme of Success Stories as a way to find more positive reminders that the Law of Attraction works to consciously create our realities. In the transition between our old life and the new life we are creating, there can be chaos. In that chaos it may appear that things aren't going well or as we desire. For instance, my job has been changing significantly from full internet access to almost no unrelated work internet access. My job description is changing and tools that are basic Windows tools have been removed that reduce my ability to effectively perform my job. Additionally my work schedule has changed and more overtime is needed at work, reducing my time for non-work related projects. Along with that, I had a kidney stone to deal with in May. Five days later I broke my wrist skateboarding. And last week I broke my collarbone. Although the pain medications are working, they reduce my ability to focus. So this edition of the carnival is just what I need, a big shot of Success Stories. I'm obviously successful at bringing these events into my life, now with renewed inspiration and happiness, my life is getting back on track.

I want to thank all the contributors and readers of this blog and carnival for you patience.

This first selection by Jeannette Maw reminds us to choose our own happiness. Success or Slump: Who's To Say? posted at Good Vibe Blog.

Success Stories

Alicia Getchell presents Five experiments in the Law of Attraction and their outcomes. posted at Living Philosopher, saying, "More than five times the law of attraction has stunned and amazed me. My success stories are truly magical and I hope that they will boost others in their confidence and faith in this way of being."

Peter Murphy presents How To Transform Apathy Into Motivation posted at Get Motivated Stay Motivated.

axel presents 100% Success posted at axel g.

Other articles

Arin Vahanian presents Why We Are All Connected To Each Other posted at Super State.

Alexander De Foe presents Create Your Dream Life posted at

Akemi presents Law Of Attraction, Million Dollar Check, And Business Growth posted at Yes to Me.

jtimar presents The Law of Attraction Alphabet: How to Attract Amazing Things Into Your Life From A to Z posted at The Limelight.

Taylor Coburn presents Law of Attraction Show #1 posted at Law of Attraction Show.

Alicia Getchell presents Living Philosopher: Don't be a victim of the recession! posted at Living Philosopher, saying, "Rather than being frustration with the economy and internalizing all the negative messages around you, visualize prosperity and create abundance for you and for all!"

Erek Ostrowski presents Manifesting a Job You Actually Want (Step Three) posted at Verve Coaching, saying, "The third step in manifesting a job you actually want is to measure each new opportunity against what you actually want, and follow the path that’s most aligned with your vision."

Andrew Smith presents Author Uses "The Secret" to Attract Her Own Book Deal with the Publishers of "The Secret" posted at Denise Coates - PRWeb Press Release Account Feed, saying, "Uh...I don't think it gets any better than that. You can check out her blog at either or"

One more I thought to share

Charlie Phillips presents Life's Second Chances posted at CHARLIE PHILLIPS - LIFE COACH, saying, "My very first visualising and affirmation exercise saved my life. So now, out of gratitude, I'm here to help with your life too! I have so much powerful knowledge to share, and it's so easy even a young pup, or a crusty old dog can do it!"

The next edition of the Law of Attraction Carnival will be hosted at the Living The Law of Attraction. The the is "For the Joy of It!" and the date is July 17.

Ellie explains the theme for the next edition:

Do you do things for "the Joy of it"? Do you live your life and make your decisions
around Joy?

I was in a Abraham Hicks workshop and the person asked this question - "Abraham
why does my dog stick his head out the car window even when the bugs are getting
in his eyes?"

Abraham's answer - For the Thrill of it - the Joy of it!!

Are you living your life for the Joy of it?

Please check the submission guidelines.

You can submit your article at Blog Carnival.

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Andrew Smith said...

The Carnival is pretty cool. Great stories.

Well done.

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Andrew,

Thank you. Glad you like it.

Akemi said...

Thank you for including my post.


Hi Dean,
What a great blog! I'm sending lots of friends here - everyone needs an uplift and some good ideas now and then. Hope your wrist is feeling better. And thanks for including my very first post in your blog carnival. Its a real honour!
Big happy doggy dances of joy,
Charlie Phillips - Life Coach to Humans

Dean Lacono said...

Hi Akemi,

You are welcome. It's nice to have contibutions like yours.

Hi Charlie,

Glad you found the carnival and contributed so that I could find you blog. I'm really looking forward to more reading more.

I've got the cast off the wrist, just working back into flexibility. Still healing the collarbone, then getting the use back for the whole arm.

woof, woof