Sunday, June 10, 2007

Emotions and Desire

Some say that to “want” something is to feel lack. “I want a million dollars.” “I want someone to love.” Saying the words is one thing, but what of the feeling we put to those words? If one says in a whining, whimpering voice, “I want a Mercedes.” That conveys a feeling of lack. However, seeing a new Mercedes CLK550 Cabriolet cruising past, and your heart starts beating faster, your pupils dilate, and you say breathlessly “I want one of those!” THAT is desire. Keep that feeling as long as you can. I relish in my impulsive feelings of desire, especially when it is something that I’m working on currently. Remember that feeling each time you see that car, each time you look at it on your vision board, visualize and dream about it.

Law of Attraction states that whatever we vibrate, we attract; whether positive or negative. Emotions are our way of vibrating. Thinking about how good we look in our new clothes, disappointed about our beat-up car, the worry about paying our bills, the excitement of last night’s date are all emotions or feelings we have about these events. These emotions are our vibrations we are giving off to the universe.

These examples are good for what we are already experiencing. These are genuine, real feelings we have about our experiences. What about what we want or desire to experience? How can we create these feelings / vibrations? Here are a couple of things I’m doing:

1. Remember what the feeling was like when we actually did experience something similar.

Yes, living in the past is not always a good thing. What we are doing here is what actors call method acting. Recalling a past situation that is similar to what you want or desire for the future. For example: remembering the excitement of winning a tournament, the big game, making a big sale, being in love. We can recall feelings associated with past events, both good and bad. Now, keep those same feelings, preferably the good ones, and visualize new images, new pictures in your head about what you desire. You are the director of your play; you set the scene for yourself, the new images. The actor (you) draws on your past experiences and gives life to your new role, the one in your play with the new desires.

2. Go out and try it, feel it, experience it.

I love the smell of a new car. So for me, going to a car dealer helps me feel the contour of the driver’s seat, the thick padded steering wheel in my hands, looking out through the windows, going for a test drive, etc. Go to open houses in your neighborhood, or better yet, in the neighborhood that you would like to live in. Remember the feelings you get in the awesome rooms, pretend to brush your teeth in the master bathroom, sit on the sofa, etc. Go clothes shopping somewhere other than Wal-Mart or Target, some place that has a dressing area and plenty of mirrors. Admire yourself in some really nice new clothes. Breathe in the smell of the fabric, feel the texture of the cloth, notice the quality of the stitching.

Also observe what other thoughts you have when mating your feelings and your thoughts. Be aware of add-ons to your thoughts of desire. Seeing the Cabriolet zip by, your desire shoots sky high and you say “I want one of those...but I can never afford one” will dampen the fire of desire, weaken your emotion, or quiet your vibration. Let your heart sing. It’s ok to desire and want on a high vibrational plane.

Wanting and desiring are good, when you are thinking good thoughts and feeling good feelings. When there is resistance to feeling good about our desires, there is something negative in our past, which we also associate with desire or the item that we desire. But, that is another issue that will need to be explored later. For now, keep in mind that desire is the first step in creating our new life.


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